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Marketing is the process of fulfilling the needs of both customers and sellers. It is the sum of all activities that are related to the flow of goods. Channel refers to the pathway through which goods flow from manufacturers to consumers. Hence, channel marketing is a strategy employed by large firms to expand the sale of their products. The main goal of channel marketing is to find new channels and to maximize the potential of those channels. It takes a lot of time and evaluation to maintain relationships with channel partners. The complimentary partners make the best channel marketing relationships. For an instance, an engineer will work better with electronics retailer than they would with a toy supplier. Product’s sale can be affected by the selection of marketing channel for the company. The various factors are- environment on which the product is sold in, channel partners and the efforts made on training and advertisement. There are four types of channel marketing- direct selling, selling through intermediates, reverse channels and dual distribution. Channel Marketing Assignment Help shall provide different types of channel marketing for better grasping by the students requiring help.

Different Types of Channel Marketing

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