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Geography is the branch of science that deals with the evaluation of earth and its property and occurrence. The expert to first discovered the word geography was Eratosthenes around the year of 276-194 B.C. The occupants of this area are all the individuals and animals that reside over it. A fellow who is a specialist in this field is otherwise known as a geographer. This field is again divided into two different major branches known as physical geography and human geography. The occurrences of things that happen under this area are all the natural calamities of earth that includes the earthquake, cyclone, tides, floods etc. In the prehistoric period generally the map-makers are been called as the geographers but now they are been called as the cartographers. Students looking forward for various notes on forward integration can refer to Geography Assignment Help where it has been described more briefly.

Different Branches of Geography

Brief discussion of the subdivided branches of human geography given in Geography Assignment Help are:

Human geography: It comprises of the basic contents of analysis of the human society and its effects upon the planet. The subdivided parts of human geography are thus discussed below:


Brief discussion of the subdivided branches of physical geography given in Geography Assignment Help are:


Physical geography: This deals with the review of natural properties and occurrence on the earth.


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