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The term history is derived from the Greek word historia which means inquiry. History is a branch of social science that is concerned with the study of past events. It is concerned with wide range of subjects like societies, economies, general people, personalities, cultural practices and many more. A person who is engaged in this study is known as a historian. History, in a nut shell, is finding information. Historians used to date the past by four major methods, they are- tree ring dating, Radiocarbon dating, historical records and Potassium argon dating (It measures the decay rate of 40k atoms). There are many different areas of history, they are- political history, cultural history, social history, diplomatic history, economic history and intellectual history. Numerous terminologies and concepts are included in this subject, making it difficult for the students to understand. So, History Assignment Help provides the best notes on history. The different eras of history is divided into three major parts-

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