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Marketing management is the management of marketing functions. The term manage of management comes from the Italian word “maneggiare” (meaning to handle). Customer satisfaction is the prime motive of marketing management. Case study is a research report on a product for a particular period of time. It is used in marketing management to perform deep study on any topic. Various activities performed by marketing management are- developing marketing plans, setting marketing objectives, organizing marketing functions, monitoring and analyzing marketing programs. Marketing Management Case Study Help provides a detailed explanation on various objectives of marketing management.

Objectives of Marketing Management

The objectives of market management explained in Marketing Management Case Study Help are listed below:

  1. Demand Creation- The first objective of marketing management is to create demand. It is done by various methods. The basic method to create demand is to examine the tastes and preferences of the customers. In order to satisfy the needs of the customers, the company develops many goods, products and services. Similarly, demand is created by companies to inform customers about the advantages of goods and products. The different types of demand is given in Marketing Management Case Study Help- negative demand, no demands, latent demand, declining demand, full demand, etc.

  2. Market Share- Market share is the ratio of actual sales to the total sales of a business. Every business ranging from small firms to large firms want to increase their market share. For instance, both Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut compete with each other to increase their market share. Many strategies can be implemented to increase the market share. These strategies include sale promoting activities, innovative packaging, innovative advertising and others. Increase in market share results in the increase in revenue. The relative competitiveness of a business can be determined by the increase and decrease of its market share.

  3. Generating Profits- Revenue of the business is generated by the marketing department. For a firm to survive in the market, it must generate and earn profits. Huge Profits can be earned by selling the want-satisfying products. Profits generated by a firm are responsible for its growth. For more details, students can refer Marketing Management Case Study Help.

  4. Satisfying the Customers- The key factor in the complete business is to satisfy the needs of the customers. In modern marketing system, marketing begins and ends with the customer. Customers are the centre of attention in modern marketing.

  5. Creating Public Image- Another important objective of marketing management is to create the public image of a firm. This function is operated by the marketing department. Quality products are provided to target new customers. 


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