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Best UK, USA, AUSTRAILIA, CANADA, UAE Labor Economics Assignment Help online services

Labor is considered as an original and the most indispensible factor of production for any industry. Ultimately it helps in improvement of organization’s economy. Labor id the power of a company’s production unit and all the factors related to it such as wages, bonuses, etc. are studied in a subject called labor economics. Our special services for Labor Economics Assignment Help for the students studying in this topic are an extra ordinary implicit initiative to clear the fundamentals regarding the subject. It contains the elements of both microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Introduction to labor economics

A path to understand the functioning of market for wage labor is the key to labor economics. Many employers and workers interact amongst for the functioning of job market. Workers are the suppliers of labor services and labor economics initiates to grab the resulting pattern of employment and salary distribution of labors. As per our Labor Economics Assignment Help team experts, labor puts a lot of impact over the areas of production sector and capital units.

Macro and micro analysis of labor market

Labor economics is more of an application achieved by applying macro and micro economics techniques to the labor market. The role of individual firms in the labor market is studies by microeconomics techniques while macroeconomics sets up a relation between labor market, goods market, money and foreign trade market to check their influence over aggregate gross domestic product. Our Labor Economics Assignment Help provides a complete written context with clear understanding of such factors.

Number of people in the working age is called as labor force.

The participation rate = (number of people in the labor force) / (non institutionalized adult civilian population) 

Employment rate = (level of unemployment) / (labor force)

Our Labor Economics Assignment Help team has consolidated, from various resources, the several types of unemployment contributing to the downfall of labor force. They are:

i. Frictional unemployment: the time taken by people to search and settle for a new job is called as frictional unemployment. However, this is being compensated by the new mediums like internet to minimize the cost and time associated with locating the employee.

ii. Structural unemployment: it is an unemployment that is because of the skills of a worker. Technology and advancements have brought new machineries to increase the production and hence old hand skilled workers have been sitting idle as they require learning the modern technique in order to achieve a high rank.

iii. Natural rate of unemployment: excluding recessions, the summation of the above two types of unemployment gives rise to natural rate of unemployment. The estimated rate is nation dependent and varies accordingly with the inflation.

iv. Cyclic unemployment: also known as demand deficient unemployment is a level of unemployment beyond its natural rate. This comes due to reduction in goods demand in an economy. Aggregate expenditure is reduced due to less utilization of labor force in the time of recession.

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