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Portfolio AnalysisThe goal of this assignment is to learn and practice portfolio performance

assessment and the impact of asset allocation on performance. Your task is to

advise clients on the composition of their portfolio. You will be graded on the basis of the evidence you produce using portfolio analysis and the way you use this evidence to form arguments to present to your clients. You will not be graded on the composition of the portfolio itself, although you are expected to follow the rules of diversification and efficient portfolio selection.


The Clients

Your clients are a relatively well-off couple, both with secure employment in the upper 10% of the income distribution. They are aged about 30-35, they have two kids. They have been able to save and they already have a portfolio of investments as described below.


Their current ability to save is about €1,000 per month and they do not expect it to change much in the future (except for inflation). This is in addition to all the current allocations (pension funds, insurance premiums).

Their investment goals are (in the order of importance):

1. maintain the value of their core savings, so that they can be mobile,

2. to secure funds for the education and career start for their children,

3. build towards their own retirement.

The clients are rather risk averse and they do not count on large gains from

investments. They do have some experience, so they are willing to accept

temporary losses of up to 20% of their portfolio value.



The Portfolio

Real estate: an appartment worth about €100,000, which the clients do not expect to increase much in value.

Savings account: €50,000.

German Government Bonds: €30,000 in 10-Year bonds, all of which mature in 7 years. National pension scheme: €30,000 in equity funds benchmarked to Euro Stoxx 50, obligatory annual additions to the funds are €2,000, fees: 3% initial, 0,5% annual management fee, no tax, no possibility of early withdrawal

Voluntary pension scheme: €5,000 in Lyxor UCITS ETFs tracking the DAX (50%) and S&P 500 (50%), annual management fee 0,50%. No tax if withdrawn after retirement. Maximum annual additions: €5,000, expected to increase with inflation.


Life insurance: €200,000 insurance policy maturing in 18 years (principal payable then), annual premium is €10,000, the principal and premium increase at the rate of inflation. No tax. Investment Funds: €4,000 ING (L) Renta Fund Global High Yield (2% subscription fee, 1,80% management fee), €4,000 ING (L) Invest Emerging Markets High Dividend (2% subscription fee, 2,50% management fee).


Equities: €2,000 in Renishaw PLC and €2,000 in Vaisala Oyj (they have a strong belief in the electronics industry as the future), €2,000 in LVMH MOET HENNESSY (luxury goods do well in recessions they say).


Transaction costs and taxes

Assume 25% tax on capital gains, interest and dividends unless otherwise

indicated. Typical transaction fees apply (e.g. €9 per equity transaction order).

Assume the Euro is the base currency.


Formal requirements

Your task is to prepare a 2-page proposal for your clients (no more than 4 pages). You can include an appendix with calculations (e.g. spreadsheet or tables). You are welcome to use graphics and colours. If you need, you can make additional assumptions about the clients, but please list them in the appendix. You should submit the text in hard copy (if you send it by email, use PDF).

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This assignment is written to do detailed financial analysis of my clients which are well off couple for the rest of life using various financial planning tools.

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