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Select any one (1) country and prepare a comprehensive briefing paper on a major natural resource dilemma facing that country.

Your report is designed to be used by a senior decision maker in either government (e.g. a government minister or senior official) or business (e.g. the CEO or his / her Board).

Your briefing paper should include the following elements:

· A one page executive summary at the beginning of the paper,

· A clearly stated introduction setting out the aims and objectives of the paper including a statement as to whom it is addressed.

· A detailed overview and analysis of the current “economic fundamentals” facing your country,

· A detailed description of the major natural resource dilemma and your rationale for having chosen it.

· You must explicitly state and develop the relevant natural resources economic theory which applies to your dilemma as well as presenting relevant data and analysis.

· Charts and tables must be provided and copied from EXCEL SPREADSHEET onto Word Document.

· Note: a descriptive discussion of the resource dilemma will be severely penalized. · You are to provide the recommended policy direction (as well as the timelines for implementation over the next 24 months)

· Provide a well?reasoned conclusion.

Format issues:

· Your paper must be presented in the following presentation format: Font Type: Arial, Font Size: 12, Spacing: Single.

· Your paper will include a one page (or less) Executive Summary, a Table of Contents, An Introduction, the Body of the Report and Conclusion.

· Charts and tables will greatly assist your presentation. However, all charts and tables must have a title which his consecutively numbered.

· A detailed reference list conforming to Chicago referencing method is required to be presented on a separate page at the end of the paper.

· Include appendices if considered appropriate.

· The Executive Summary and any appendices do not contribute to the word count.

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