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Product code: Accounting-AW621


Department of Accounting Program in Accounting


Accounting 1 – Principles of Financial Accounting


Please choose a publicly traded company to work on. You may select a company whose securities are traded on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ.  Please do not select a company that is a financial institution or services company.  The company should sell merchandise.  You must obtain the financial statements of your company.  The F/S can be obtained by:

  1. calling the investor services or stockholder relations department of the company.
  2. at the company’s website.
  3. visiting the sec website at www.sec.gov and going to the EDGAR database (where you will look for the “10K”).



You can print your financial statement or work from a diskette.  However, you must submit the financial statements, footnotes and other information used to answer questions on this assignment sheets.  Summary financial data from other financial websites will not be sufficient for you to complete this project.  Answer the questions on these sheets.  Attach additional sheets as necessary.



Your professor will advise you of the due date of this assignment.


  1. Fill in some basic information about your company.


Name of company ______________________________________


Principal exchange where the company trades  _______________


Market price of the stock ________________ as of _____________ (date)


Annual dividend ________________________________________


Last dividend paid on ____________________________________


  1. Read the business summaries and management’s discussion and analysis (MD&A).  Summarize the remarks (ex. Poor operating results/expansion plans/sale of a division, etc.




  1. What kinds of products and/or services does the corporation provide/sel




  1. a.   Which accounting/auditing firm audited the financial statements? 
    1. Did the auditor’s report indicate any problems or exceptions?




5.         a.         Did you find any new terms within the financial statements?

b.         Did you find the presentation of the financial statements clear? Why or why not?



6.         Indicate the formula to be used and insert the amounts used in computing each ratio.  Express your answer in suitable units (percentages, decimals etc.)


  1. Current ratio



  1. Quick ratio



  1. Receivable turnover


  1. Average days sales uncollected


  1. Inventory turnover



  1. Profit margin



  1. Return on assets



  1. Return on Equity


  1. Earnings per share





  1. Debt to equity ratio



  1. Dividend yield


  1. Price earnings ratio (use price from question 1 and EPS from question 6-i)


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The M,D & A clearly says that the performance of Target is much better compare to what it is in 2012. The improvement is there for Target in every field as shown from the profitability, efficiency, capital structure ratios i.e. its performance is in rising trend over the three years.

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