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Product code: Accounts-AW696



INSTRUCTIONS: Please show all work, and feel free to attach additional pages as necessary. Full credit will not be given for providing only an answer, even if the answer is correct. Homework assignments are due as specified in the course schedule.


2-1 Use the attached financial statements for Kohl’s Corporation to perform a complete ratio analysis using income statement and balance sheet data from the latest two years shown. Refer to the ratio summary presented in class.

2-2 Using the information below, recreate the financial statements for Imperial Products, Inc. on the attached worksheet. When completing the statement, you may round to the nearest $1.00; use the values exactly as presented below to prevent rounding errors. Please note this problem is separate from problem

2-1 above and uses none of the same data. Cash - $30,000


Total Revenues - $12,000,000


Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio - 4.8 times


Other expense - $500,000


Notes Payable - $75,000


Return on Assets - 11.005%


Average Collection Period - 18 days


Basic Earning Power - 20%


Common Stock $350,000

Inventory Turnover Ratio - 6 times


Cost of Sales - 62.5% of total revenues


Debt Ratio - .59984326 times


Acid Test Ratio - .625 times


Times Interest Earned Ratio - 4 times


Other Long-Term Debt - $450,000


Return on Equity – 27.5017235%



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Since, interest charged is least in option b) so that is the best option to pursue.

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