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Term paper: You will prepare a written term paper on Apple Inc. The paper should be no longer than 5 with 5 and a half pages in length (typed, single-spaced), with added exhibits, tables and figures as necessary. Drawing on course material, analyze the industry and competition, the company's strengths and weaknesses, its strategies, and financial results (last 3-5 years). Offer specific recommendations for what the company should do next (2018 and beyond), including the expected performance impact. Do original research, through the library and online sources, citing references. A full list of references/bibliography should be presented at the end of the paper. The term paper is due on July 12.


Hello, I have written a term paper for Apple. However, even it is complete, I need to check on this if it fulfills the assignment requirements and make the necessary adjustments and fixes.


Generally, the assignment instructions are as follows:

1) analyze the industry of Apple Inc. (internal and external)

2) analyze the competition of Apple Inc.

3) analyze Apple Inc. strengths and weaknesses

4) analyze Apple Inc. strategies

5) discuss and analyze Apple Inc. financial results (last 3-5 years).

6) Offer specific recommendations for what the company should do next (2018 and beyond), including the expected performance impact.


My writing has for the above plan and instructions/requirements:

1) I analyzed Apple. Inc industry by performing Porter's Five Forces Analysis and SWOT analysis. However, for the SWOT Analysis, I include only a table without discussing the strengths and weaknesses as Porter's Five Forces Analysis took me a lot of pages space. So, you need to reduce the space of Porter's Five Forces Analysis and discuss apple's strengths and weaknesses analysis (more detailed). Also, check my  Porter's Five Forces Analysis if it requires improvements.


2) I analyzed the competition of Apple's Inc. But check it if you agree with my findings and writings.

3) I analyzed Apple's strategies in full detailed.

4) I discussed and analyzed Apple's financial results and I also provided recommendations. But, please check them for any errors or if improvements are needed.


In conclusion, I do not want to write the assignment from the beginning, just improve my writing in some areas that you feel that it is needed, and also discuss more detailed the strengths and weaknesses. Do not forget that the assignment must be 5 with 5 and a half pages. No longer.


Attach you will find my assignment as well the assignment instructions.

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Apple Inc. is an America-based multinational organization, which excels in the designing and manufacturing of electronics, software and hardware products for consumers.

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