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The following is a general guide use to structure the long report and modify this structure if it will improve the overall quality of report within 2000 words (includes everything except Title Page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Appendix, and References).

Front end to include: Title Page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents.

Body to include:

1.0 Introduction

Introduce the topic and objectives of the report.

2.0 Analysis of Communication Issues 

2.1 Case Study: Analyse the key communication issues using relevant literature.

2.2 Employee Surveys: Analyse the surveys presenting key information relevant to the issues; use figures and charts to help communicate the findings. Place figures/charts immediately near the text that discusses and refers to them.

3.0 Conclusions

Based on the analysis of the literature and the findings of the staff surveys, draw the main conclusions/implications. In other words, combine what you have learnt in the literature with what you have found by analysing the case and the employee survey results. 

4.0 Recommendations

Provide your recommendations on how to improve the quality of communication, productivity, and the general climate of the organisation. Your recommendations must relate clearly to your preceding findings. This means, avoid recommending anything that does not logically flow/is not backed up by what you have discussed in the report.

5.0 List of References

 It is recommended that you include at least 5 research articles from published scholarly journals. 

6.0 Appendixes

 *Please refer to the course outline for assignment submission guidelines.

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Some specific communication issues identified from the case study include: •Active Listening – Miller presents that the most identified communication issue at the workplace is lack of active listening. Active Listening is a technique wherein the listener has to fully concentrate on what the other person is saying, understand it and then respond to it. Also it is important that the managers than remember what has been told. •Non-communication – One communication issue here is non-communication as well. The workers have not been made aware about the benefits of restructuring. Similarly the workers have not specified their concerns to the management. This has actually resulted in chaos, in the form of strike. Thus, non-communication is one of the major communication issue here. If the employee surveys be analyzed, the survey results for Workers differentiate substantially from surveys results for Managers. While the workers are not comfortable voicing their concerns to the managers, all the managers believe they are approachable manager.

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