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1Q-if a cell is equally tall as it is wide, the cell is described as ____.

2Q-cells that are thin and flat that such as found in the walls of the alveoli of the lungs are described as ____.

3Q-the branch of biology that investigates cells is called:

4Q-this is the fluid located between the cells that bathes the cell and that is outside the cell membrane and bathes.

5Q-the majority of the plasma membrane can be described as a bilayer of ____ with associated proteins.

6Q-amphipathic phospholipids arrange themselves into a ____ to form the plasma membrane

7Q-Within the plasma membrane, most transmembrane proteins will comprised of both ____ and ____ regions

8Q-Voltage regulated gates respond to changes in this across the plasma membrane

9Q-these are phospholipids with short carbohydrate chains on the extracellular face of the membrane that make up the remaining 5% of membrane lipids; this helps form the glycocalyx

10Q-this is a carbohydrate coating on the cell surface with multiple functions; it comes from words that mean "sugar coat"

11Q-these are proteins that do not protrude into the phospholipid bilayer but rather adhere to one face of the membrane

12Q-these are the transmembrane proteins or protein clusters with pores that allow water and dissolved ions to pass through the membrane

13Q-these are the group of glycoproteins found on the cell's surface that allows the body to recognize the cell as one of its own

14Q-this is a compound within the cell that causes an alteration in cell function and is activated by the binding of another compound to a cell-surface receptor

15Q-A membrane protein that is not integral to the plasma membrane that is often attached to the cytoskeleton is a ____ protein

16Q-These are peripheral proteins are named for the ATP-like chemical protein guanosine triphosphate (GTP), from which they get their energy; when activated by a receptor it relays the signal to another membrane protein (adenylate cyclase)

17Q-____ is a membrane protein that removes to phosphate groups from ATP and converts it to cyclic AMP; it gets its signal from the G protein so that it can be activated

18Q-cyclic AMP (cAMP)


20Q-If a particle moves down a gradient, it moves from a region of ____ to ____ concentration; while if a particle moves up a gradient it moves from a region of ____ to ____ concentration.

21Q-Three mechanisms of carrier-mediated transport include:




25Q-Organelles without ____ include ribosomes, proteasomes, centrosomes, centrioles, and basal bodies, while organelles with them are the nucleus, mitochondria, lysosomes, peroxisomes, endoplasmic reticulum, and Golgi complex





30Q-Passive mechanisms of transport that don't require ATP include ____, ____, and ____, while active mechanisms of transport that do require ATP include ____ transport and ____ transport.

31Q-carrier-mediated transport


33Q-simple diffusion

34Q-vesicular transport



37Q-golgi complex

38Q-_____ organelle that is made up of small cisternae receives newly synthesized proteins from the rough ER, sorts them, splices and cuts some of them, adds carbohydrate moieties to some, and finally packages the proteins in membrane bounded vesicles


40Q-The cytoskeleton is made up of 3 things: ____ which are fine and more pliable, ____ which are like stiff rods, and ____ which are like tubes

41Q-hydrostatic pressure

42Q-endoplasmic reticulum

43Q-rough endoplasmic reticulum

44Q-smooth endoplasmic reticulum



47Q-cell theory

48Q-large cellular surface area, large difference in concentrations, an increase in temperature, and small molecular weight of diffusing compound all are factors that can ____ the rate of diffusion.

49Q-These are 3 types of endocytosis:






55Q-transport maximum

56Q-counter transport

57Q-normal saline



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1Q-if a cell is equally tall as it is wide, the cell is described as ____. 1A-Cuboidal

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