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1Q-What is cell cycle?

2Q-What is mitosis?

3Q-somatic cells

4Q-What are the 3 stages of interphase?

5Q-G1 phase

6Q-During interphase does the cell look normal or abnormal?

7Q-S phase

8Q-G2 phase

9Q-After interphase, the cell is ready to enter the second phase of the cell cycle, the _____ phase

10Q-What are the 4 main steps of mitosis?

11Q-During ---------, the proteins and DNA coil up extremely tight forming chromosomes. Each duplicated chromosome appears as sister chromatids. In the cytoplasm, the spindle fibers form; these are made of microtubules radiating off the centrosomes. The centrosomes move away from each other towards the opposite poles of the cell. By doing this they lengthen the microtubles between them. The nuclear envelope starts to break apart.

12Q-Describe the process of Metaphase

13Q----------- begins when the chromosomes separate, splitting the sister chromatids apaart. Each chromatid is considered to be a full-fledged chromosome. The chromosomes then move to the opposite poles of the cell.

14Q-Nuclei form around the poles of the cell. The chromosomes become less tightly coiled. The spindle fibers shrink and disappear. The final step of mitosis is ------- (the actual splitting of the cell). ------ is the division of the cytoplasm. --------- involves the formation of a cleavage furrow, which pinches the cell into two. (the division of the cytoplasm)


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1Q-What is cell cycle? 1A-repeating set of events that make up the life of a cell is made of 2 phases, interphase and the mitotic phase.

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