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1Q-Which of the following would best explain a plant that is undergoing plasmolysis?
a. The plant was placed in a hypertonic environment
b. The plant was placed in a hypotonic environment
c. The plant was placed in an isotonic environment
d. None of the above

2Q-Which of the following would best describe a molecule that mimics a substrate preventing the enzyme from acting on it?
a. Noncompetitive inhibitor
b. Denaturation
c. Competitive inhibitor
d. None of the above

3Q-Accessory pigments differ from chlorophyll a in that they
a. Absorb different wavelengths of light
b. Absorb only yellow and orange
c. Are not directly involved in the light reactions of photosynthesis
d. Have no function in photosynthesis

4Q-The equation X+AY > Y+AX is the general equation for a:
a. Synthesis reaction
b. Decomposition reaction
c. Single-replacement reaction
d. Double-replacement reaction
e. None of the above

5Q-Real gases deviate from the definition of an ideal gas because real gases:
a. Exhibit forces of attraction and repulsion
b. Have certain temperature
c. Have certain pressure
d. Exhibit diffusion
e. None of the above

6Q-If all of the wavelengths of visible light (color) are absorbed, then the object will appear _____ and it will feel _______.
a. Black/cool
b. Black/hot
c. White/cool
d. White/hot

7Q-Movement of water out of an animal cell occurs
a. From a hypotonic solution in the cell to a hypertonic solution out of the cell
b. From a hypertonic solution in the cell to a hypotonic solution out of the cell.
c. From an isotonic solution inside the cell to another isotonic solution out of the cell.
d. Through gated channels in the cell's membrane

8Q-If the enzyme concentration was increased, which of the following would happen?
a. The enzymatic rate would decrease
b. The enzymatic rate would increase
c. The enzymatic rate would stay the same

9Q-Is the half reaction Fe2 > Fe3+ + 1e- , a(n):
a. Oxidation
b. Reduction
c. Precipitation
d. Condensation
e. None of the above

10Q-NADPH is used in the Calvin cycle to
a. Reduce and unstable six-carbon molecule
b. Reduce RuBP
c. Oxidize a three-carbon molecule
d. Reduce a three-carbon molecule

11Q-Temperature is directly proportional to:
a. Pressure
b. Volume
c. Kinetic energy
d. Neither a, b, or c
e. a, b, and c

12Q-If the molecular concentration of a substance is the same throughout the space, the substance,
a. Has a large concentration gradient
b. Will undergo diffusion
c. Is in equilibrium
d. Will undergo osmosis

13Q-Which of the following cannot affect enzymatic rates?
a. Change in DNA
b. Temperature
c. pH
d. None, these all affect the rates

14Q-The reactants in a neutralization reaction are always:
a. An acid and a base
b. A salt and a water
c. A solid and a liquid
d. None of the above

15Q-What product of the light reactions is released and does not participate further in photosynthesis
a. ATP
c. O2
d. H2O

16Q-As the molar mass of a gas increases its particle speed/velocity
a. Increases
b. Decreases
c. Remains unchanged

17Q-When an estrogen molecule moves across a membrane it is using ___. THINK ABOUT THIS!
a. simple diffusion
b. osmosis
c. facilitated diffusion
d. diffusion through ion channels

18Q-The study of energy transformation that occurs in an organism is called ___
a. enthalpy
b. thermodynamics
c. Gibbs free energy
d. none of the above

19Q-The products of a combustion and reaction are:
a. organic compound and oxygen
b. carbon dioxide and water
c. a solid and aqueous
d. none of the above

20Q-Which gas would travel faster through an empty container:
a. NO2
b. H2O
c. SO2
d. N2O4
e. CH4

21Q-Which of the following is NOT a component of the extracellular matrix (ECM)?
a. collagen
b. elastin
c. phospholipids
d. none, these are all part of the ECM

22Q-Which of the following describes a chemical reaction that has absorbed heat energy?
a. + ^S
b. -^H
c. -^G
d. -^S
e. none of the above

23Q-An aqueous solution of potassium sulfate is present in a beaker. Which of the following aqueous solutions would cause the sulfate to precipitate out?
a. sodium nitrate
b. ammonium acetate
c. barium nitrate
d. potassium hydroxide

24Q-As the temperature of a gas decreases, the particles on the gas:
a. increase in speed
b. decrease in speed
c. increase in mass
d. increase in pressure
e. none of the above

25Q-Who is the solid precipitate created in question #15?
a. sodium sulfate
b. ammonium sulfate
c. barium sulfate
d. potassium sulfate

26Q-Which of the following is FALSE of the sodium-potassium pump?
a. it's a specialized protein pump that pumps 3 sodium ions out of the cell and 2 potassium ions into the cell
b. it does not use ATP
c. it is used up by neurons/nerves to send messages throughout the body
d. it creates an electrical gradient or electrical impulse

27Q-If O2 were to move into a cell it would be using ___ to cross the membrane
a. simple diffusion
b. osmosis
c. facilitated diffusion
d. diffusion through ion channels

28Q-Volume is indirectly proportional to :
a. mass
b. temperature
c. pressure
d. diffusion
e. none of the above

29Q-Which of the following describes a chemical reaction that has become less disorderly?
a. +^S
b. -^H
c. -^G
d. -^S

30Q-Which of the following is NOT a property of water?
a. high specific heat
b. good cohesion
c. most dense as a solid
d. good solvent
e. none of the above

31Q-Of the following reactions, which involves the largest decrease in entropy?
a. CaCo3(s) > CaO(s) + CO2(g)
b. 2CO(g) + O2(g) > 2CO2(g)
c. Pb(NO3)2(s) + 2KI(s) > Pbl2(s) + 2KNO3(s)
d. C3H8(g) + 5O2(g) > 3CO2(g) + 4H2O(g)
e. 4La(s) + 3O2(g) > 2La2O3(s)

32Q-This characteristic of gases describes the ability the particles in a sample to slide past one another:
a, pressure
b. volume
c. compression
d. fluidity
e. density

33Q-In a chemical equation, the symbol "(aq)" indicates the substance is:
a. water
b. dissolved in water
c. a solid
d. insoluble
e. none of the above

34Q-Water does not attract to lipids because of the difference in:
a. boiling point
b. density
c. molar mass
d. molarity
e. none of the above

35Q-When ammonium chloride, NH4Cl(s), is added to water at 25C it dissolves and the temperature of the water decreases. Which of the following is true for the values of ^H and ^S for the dissolving process?
a. positive, positive
b. positive, negative
cl positive, equal to zero
d. negative, positive
e. negative, negative

36Q-If the temperature of a balloon is increased and the pressure is held constant, what quantity must change?
a. pressure
b. mass
c. volume
d. compressibility
e. none of the above

37Q-If a bromide ion is dissolved in water, this end of the water will surround it:
a. hydrogen end of water
b. oxygen end of water

38Q-Which of the following would dissolve best in water:
a. a potassium ion, K+
b. a sugar/carbohydrate
c. a phospholipid
e. none of the above

39Q-If a bromide ion, Br-, is dissolved in water, which end of water will solvate it
a. the hydrogen end
b. the oxygen end
c. neither

40Q-If a volume of a substance increases by a factor of 3, the temperature would
a. increase by a factor of 3
b. decrease by a factor of 3
c. increase by 2/3
d. decrease by a factor of 1/3
e. none of the above

41Q-All the chemical reactions finish with this after the transition state:
a. bond making; release of energy
b. bond breaking; release of energy
c. bond making; absorption of energy
d. bond breaking; absorption of energy
e. none of the above

42Q-A mole of gold atoms would be represented correctly in which way?
a. 1 atom of Au= 6.023 x 10^23 moles and 1 gram of Au= 196.97 moles
b. a mole of Au= 6.0223 x 10^23 atoms and 1 mole of Au= 196.97 grams
c. 1 gram of Au= 196.97 moles and 1 atom of Au= 6.023 x 10^23 moles
d. 1 mole of Au= 196.97 atoms and 1 gram of Au= 196.96 moles

43Q-A solution that contains a high concentration of solute but can hold even more solute is:
a. unsaturated and concentrated
b. saturated and concentrated
c. unsaturated and dilute
d. saturated and dilute

44Q-Which part of the plant only does cellular respiration
a. leaves
b. stems
c. roots
d. none because plants don't do cellular respiration

45Q-Sucrose (table sugar) is broken down into 2 glucose molecules by the human body. Which best describes this process?
a. anabolic; increase in disorder
b. anabolic; decrease in disorder
c. catabolic; increase in disorder
d. catabolic; decrease in disorder

46Q-In the expression "like dissolves like," the word "like" refers to similarity in molecular:
a. mass
b. size
c. energy
d. polarity
e. none of the above

47Q-A certain chemical reaction occurs very slowly. Which of the following could be a good reason?
a. the presence of a catalyst
b. high temperature
c. high concentration of reactants
d. strong bonds in reactant molecules
e. low activation energy

48Q-Violet has a wavelength of 400nm, while red has a wavelength of 720nm. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
a. violet has more energy than red
b. red has more energy than violet
c. red has more photons than violet
d. violet and red have equal amounts of energy

49Q-Which of the following does NOT increase the rate of dissolving a solid in water:
a. raising the temperature
b. stirring
c. using large pieces of solid
d. crushing the solid
e. none of the above

50Q-When ice is place in a temperature of 101.1 C and 1 atmosphere pressure (standard), which of the following is true for the process shown? H2O(s) > H2O(l)
a. ^H< O, ^S>O, ^G>O
b. ^H<O, ^S<O, ^G>O
c. ^H>O, ^S<O, ^G<O
d. ^H>O, ^S>O, ^G>O
e. ^H>O, ^S>O, ^G<O

51Q-If the amount of dissolved solute in a solution is greater than the amount that can be permanently remain in a solution, the solution is:
a. saturated
b. unsaturated
c. supersaturated
d. dilute
e. none of the above

52Q-At the end of photosystem II's electron chain, the electrons will
a. combine with ADP to make ATP
c. combine NADP+ to form NADPH
c. are ejected out of the membrane and into the stroma
d. enter photosystem I

53Q-Which of the following does NOT describe the action of an enzyme catalyst?
a. it lowers the activation energy of the reaction
b. the higher the concentration of the enzyme, the more reactant/substrate can react
c. it does not change the enthalpy of the reaction
d. it is associated with exothermic processes of a reaction in the forward direction
e. it operates best in only certain ranges of pH and temperature

54Q-The dissolving process where a salt breaks apart into its respective ions in water is:
a. precipitation
b. dissociation
c. neutralization
d. solvation
e. none of the above

55Q-The solution had a molarity of 3.4M. The solution was altered so that the new molarity was 2.3M. The solution was made:
a. more dilute, by adding water
b. more concentrated, by adding water
c. more dilute, by adding solute
e. not altered at all

56Q-How many "turns" of the Calvin system are required to produce 1 molecule of glucose?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4


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1Q-Which of the following would best explain a plant that is undergoing plasmolysis? a. The plant was placed in a hypertonic environment b. The plant was placed in a hypotonic environment c. The plant was placed in an isotonic environment d. None of the above 1A-a. the plant was placed in a hypertonic environment

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