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Hello, for ESSAY #1 it’s for the course Women Studies and the requirements are the following:

- 1000 word essay with an underlined thesis statement making an argument about “toxic masculinity”

- please do not exceed 1200 words

 ***Please reflect on “toxic masculinity” through a viewing of this clip: 

- Please consider these prompts when creating your thesis. Please choose only one prompt:

  1. How does toxic masculinity relate to the demeaning harassment of female Canadian politicians in contemporary popular culture today?What do these stories and other related stories about harassment of women in politics say about toxic, subversive, alternative or fluid masculinity in popular culture?
  2.  How does toxic masculinity impact men’s ability to perform other “identities” like fatherhood, activist, worker or partner?
  3. What are some popular media representations of alternative forms of masculinity that you have seen in popular media or elsewhere? Or name some examples that have worked to expose “toxic” masculinity through humor. Please explain.

Some popular media examples:

i. Ron Burgundy in Anchorman a masculine character that parodies toxic masculinity.

ii. Depictions of masculinity in Modern Family.

iii. Depictions of alternative “black masculinities” in the Atlanta Netflix series. 

*additional* these readings were in the courseware and should be mentioned if applicable in the essay (atleast 2 should be mentioned):

1. Five Ways Gnomish Reveals rape Culture - Anti-Violence

2.  Rape Myths, Language and the Portrayal of Women in the Media - Virgin or Vamps by Benedict, H

3. Women’s Brains by Stephen Jay Gould 

4. The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female are not enough by Fausto-Sterling, A.

5. Dueling Dualism by Faust-Sterling 

6. Boys Do Cry by Valentino, J 

7. Unbecoming Women: Sex Reversal in the Scientific Discourse on Female Deviance in Britain, 1880–1920 

ESSAY #2 is for an Anthropology course that focuses on Race, Religion and Conflict


- 1500-1700 words in essay format, with full paragraphs. the word limit does NOT include the References Cited page.

- 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced with one-inch (or 2.5 cm) margins.  
- References Cited page should be single spaced. 

- You need to include a References Cited (Bibliography) page and in-text citations. do not use footnotes or endnotes. Use Chicago style with in-text citations and a References Cited page. 

TOPIC: Racism and White Privilege in America

The Michael Brown protests have marked the beginning of an era of heightened concern/awareness over how white privilege operates within a variety of spheres within American society (eg. police and judicial system, educational system).  

Find two written anthropological or sociological sources (at least one must be a peer reviewed journal articleand the other may be a peer reviewed article, book by a sociologist/anthropologist, or article in an anthropological/sociological book) by two different anthropologists/sociologists about white privilege in among the educational or judicial system in North America. 

YOUR sources MUST BOTH DATE TO 2004 or LATER.  Both must discuss how white privilege operates within North American educational or judicial/police systems. Remember that your journal articles has to be a full journal article (about 20 pages, on average), and NOT a book review in a journal, or a review article (which is short and the title usually begins with “Review of…”). 

Discuss how white privilege operates within the contexts outlined by the authors of the two sources. 

For example, if you find articles about white privilege in universities – does white privilege affect curriculum, how students are taught, admissions, graduation potential, etc.?  These are just  some of the questions that might be addressed by an article on this issue.


— any additional material beyond the two articles and course readings/material to answer this question.

— make sure that the two articles discuss this issue during (roughly) the same time period. 




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Men and women are two sexes differing biologically and is a natural phenomenon. But gender differences, classifying masculine and feminine has been a social construct. Being a part of socialization, gender emerged as a powerful factor moulding traditions, norms, culture, politics, economy and very single institution related to human beings.The history of society have been filled with incidents that women have been suppressed and patriarchy had been the dominant phenomenon (Eckert, et. al, 1). However, it cannot be denied that the same has given rise to the idea of toxic masculinity and impacted adversely over the idea of manhood. Beyond humanity, with the urge of social acceptance, the idea of masculinity was both adopted and forced with concepts of a tough guise.

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