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It was said a few years ago that if the human race is wiped out in the next 50 years it will not be because of disease, but because of foreign policy and international relations. In a world where thousands of nuclear weapons exist and more countries are trying to acquire them, where suicide terrorist strikes come without warning and thousands die each day from poverty caused by the way the international system operates, we need to know about and understand international relations.

if we remember where we were on 9/11? How we felt? We are already part of international relations because of the choices you make, your identity, religion, cultural, news, and so on. Put simply, international relations is about war and peace, conflict and cooperation, wealth and poverty, power and change, and understanding patterns of behavior between the actors in the world - from states to presidents, to corporations..There is no "ideal" opinion of international relations but many issues may inspire our interest in it.  Generally, we do not need to have the answers to the world's problems, such as terrorism and nuclear proliferation. But we may have lots of questions. Why is international relations important? Is it all about war? Is it really about poverty and big business? Is the United States all powerful or are other states, institutions (like the World Bank and the EU), or even ideas (religious or political) crucial in deciding what happens in the world? How should we cope with global issues?In my opinion in the international relations we suppose to look behind the headlines to the key players in world politics, asking what are the important ideas and how can we solve the conflict or achieve cooperation.The international relations has interdisciplinary in nature, blending the fields of economics, history, and political science to examine topics such as human rights, global poverty, the environment, economics, globalization, security, global ethics, and the political environment.Exceptional economic integration, unprecedented threats to peace and security, and an international focus on human rights and environmental protection all speak to the complexity of international relations in the twenty-first century. Although international relations has taken on a new significance because of our increasingly interconnected world, it is certainly not a new concept. Historically, the establishment of treaties between nations served as the earliest form of international relations.The international relations in today’s world are valuable for many reasons:International relations promotes successful trade policies between nations.International relations encourages travel related to business, tourism, and immigration, providing people with opportunities to enhance their lives.International relations allows nations to cooperate with one another, pool resources, and share information as a way to face global issues that go beyond any particular country or region. Contemporary global issues include pandemics, terrorism, and the environment.International relations advance human culture through cultural exchanges, diplomacy, and policy development. From a critical perspective, then, people – not states – must be put at the center of politics, global or otherwise. Additionally, political arrangements should be judged, or critiqued, according to their capacity to advance emancipation and the broadening of moral boundaries. Critical theory assumes an active role in the betterment of human affairs according to the potential for freedom inherent in modernity and the identification of political alternatives at hand in the globalizing society and the historical process bringing it into being.

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As we know that the chances of the global catastrophe in the next 50 years is high and the reason of this is not due to the spread of the diseases. The reasons for this human extinction are due to the foreign policy and the international relations. International relations mean the study of the relationship between and the government states. The need for international relations comes into the picture when there is conflict between and among the countries where for the collective interest individual interest got affected. For all those conflicting situations we need to find some solutions by interactions and by establishing relationships, which forms the subject matter of international relations.

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