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In this assignment, you will choose options from each category to design your own case study. Once you have selected one option from each category, youwill use that profile to write a case study report. Do not use Roundup. Be creative in developing your character by giving a name, occupation (if applicable), identity, and description of theindividual and the situation and circumstances of the case study. The detailsof the effects of the chemical exposure should be supported by yourreferences. 

Step 1: Identify a specific chemical from ONE of these categories: 
c.herbicide, or 

Step 2: Choose a profile of the individual affected: 
a.adult or 

Step 3: Research at least two incidents of exposure of the chemical. 

Step 4: Develop a case study of exposure of your chemical to the individual. Discuss the following in your case study: 
1.Identify how the individual was exposed to the chemical. 
2.Identify the exposure pathway of your chosen chemical. 
3.What organ systems were affected by the chemical? 
4.What acute and chronic effects of exposure to the chemical were observed?Would the effects have been different if the individual was younger orolder? 
5.How could exposure to the chemical be avoided? 

The case study should include the following components: 
1.Include all of the aspects in Step 4. 
2.Utilize at least three credible references, one of which may be thetextbook, and one of which must come from the CSU Online Library. 
3.Include a minimum of at least two pages, not including title and referencepages. 
4.All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrasedand quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references andcitations used must be in APA style


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This is the story of Rajan. Rajan is a simple Indian poultry farmer whose family runs on the earning from the produces. His age is 38 years. In his family, he has his parents, his wife Smita and two children Sajan and Sonali. His life was going fine with an increase in production due to better monsoon and good pesticides and insecticides used. Progress in technology in agriculture has helped millions of farmers in India like Rajan. He preferred to spend most of the time in the field so that he can stay close and take care of them. This made him go in direct contact with the chemicals. Smita has warned Rajan several times to not go in direct contact with the chemicals. But Rajan did not take them very seriously. This doomed Rajan’s life unknowingly. One day suddenly he had a high fever, and he fainted in the field. The village doctor could not understand the exact reason and suggested to take him to the city hospital where he was diagnosed for several days. After that, the doctors could understand from the symptoms and from the conversation they had with Smita and Rajan’s parents. The exact reason for the disease is increased exposure to Coumaphos.

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