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1Q- NOT one of the three basic economics questions that all societies must address

2Q- Private property rights, profit motive, and competition are all aspects of a _________ economic system.

3Q- The concept that buyers and sellers interact freely and willingly in a free enterprise system refers to

4Q- another term for recession


6Q- The type of partnership in which all partners share equal responsibility is referred to


8Q- As the cost of inputs increases, a _________ tends to occur


10Q-UNIT ELASTIC_______.

11Q- The concept that it is neutral, flexible, free and well-known illustrates the advantage of_____.


13Q- A tax on alcohol or tobacco products illustrates how taxes

14Q- The FICA helps pay for______.

15Q- ______is NOT a federal tax described in the text.

16Q- The first step in establishing the Federal Budget is______.

17Q- A program requiring welfare recipients to provide labor in exchange for benefits is known as____.

18Q- An example of commodity money would be______.

19Q- The name "dollar" was chosen for our money because it sounded like the name of the money from _________in the 18th century.

20Q- ______was NOT part of the Greenback Standard System.

21Q- ______would be included when calculating US GDP.

22Q- The _______ was created to INSURE CUSTOMER BANK DEPOSITS

23Q-_______ is NOT a basic investment consideration.

24Q- The coupon, maturity and par value are the 3 components of_______.

25Q- The market in which a financial asset can be sold to someone other than the primary issuer is called the_________.

26Q- _____provides cash payments because of death, continued absence, or permanent disability of a parent.

27Q- The unpredictable outside factors that impact the economy are referred to as

28Q- NIPA stands for_______.

29Q- The census is taken every ___________ in the United States.

30Q- _____is NOT a factor affecting population growth.

31Q- Currency issued by town, chambers of commerce and other civic bodies during the Great Depression of the 1930s was called______.

32Q- The point where the country would balance if it was flat and everyone weighed the same is referred to as the______.

33Q- Real GDP accounts for______.

34Q- The demand-pull theory of inflation involves the idea that_______.

35Q- The "G" in the Output-Expenditure Model Equation stands for_______.

36Q- The "I" in the OEME stands for______.

37Q- The "F" in the OEME stands for


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1Q- NOT one of the three basic economics questions that all societies must address 1A-WHEN TO PRODUCE

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