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1Q-What is Capital?

2Q-What is Scarcity?

3Q-What is Land?

4Q-What is Command Economy?

5Q-Standard of living                                                                                                                          

6Q-economic growth

7Q-What is economic equity?

8Q-human effort directed toward producing goods and services

9Q-What is Traditional economy?

10Q-What is Capitalism?

11Q-What is Trade off?

12Q-Annual percentage rate

13Q-What is interest?

14Q-What is diversification?

15Q-What is mutual fund?

16Q-bait and switch

17Q-What is mortgage?

18Q-What is credit rating?

19Q-What is principal?

20Q-disposable income

21Q-finance charge

22Q-What is rational choice?

23Q-closing costs

24Q-discretionary income

25Q-What is demand?

26Q-law of supply

27Q-What is technology?

28Q-What is equilibrium price?

29Q-What is surplus?

30Q-What is elasticity?

31Q-What is market?

32Q-What is rationing?

33Q-What is shortage?

34Q-law of demand

35Q-What is supply?

36Q-What is utility?

37Q-complementary of good

38Q-What is conglomerate?

39Q-economics of scale

40Q-What is cartel?

41Q-market structure

42Q-joint venture

43Q-What is startup?

44Q-What is inventory?

45Q-barriers to entry

46Q-small business incubator


48Q-What is stock?

49Q-What is assets?

50Q-What is entrepreneur?

51Q-What is corporate charter?

52Q-unlimited liability


54Q-white-collar workers

55Q-cost-of-living adjustment

56Q-What is production?

57Q-What is labor union?

58Q-What is debt financing?

59Q-blue-collar workers

60Q-What is financing?

61Q-division of labor

62Q-right-to-work laws

63Q-What is mechanization?

64Q-What is boycott?

65Q-What is marketing?

66Q-price leadership

67Q-What is revenues?

68Q-collective bargaining

69Q-national income

70Q-electronic funds transfer

71Q-What is barter?

72Q-What is depreciation?

73Q-What is debit card?

74Q-fractional reserve banking

75Q-GDP price deflator

76Q-What is business cycle?

77Q-consumer price index

78Q-What is M1?

79Q-leading indicators

80Q-personal income

81Q-What is M2?

82Q-What is net exports?

83Q-national income accounting

84Q-producer price index

85Q-What is thrift institutions?

86Q-supplemental security income

87Q-underground economy

88Q-What is budget surplus?

89Q-What is workers compensation?

90Q-What is time lags?

91Q-What is budget deficit?

92Q-What is deficit financing?

93Q-temporary assistance to needy families

94Q-public-works projects

95Q-What is externalities?

96Q-full employment

97Q-What is national debt?

98Q-What is public goods?                                                

99Q-What is privatization?

100Q-What is communism?

101Q-authoritarian socialism

102Q-Democratic socialism

103Q-What is specialization?

104Q-fixed rate of exchange

105Q-five-year plans

106Q-What is protective tariff?

107Q-revenue tariff

108Q-flexible exchange rates

109Q-What is welfare state?

110Q-international monetary fund

111Q-world trade organization

112Q-north American free trade agreement

113Q-weightless economy

114Q-What is nationalization?

115Q-What is global integration?

116Q-What is e-commerce?

117Q-direct foreign investment

118Q-What is innovation?

119Q-subsistence agriculture

120Q-What is distance learning?

121Q-What is multinationals?

122Q-What is intellectual property?

123Q-information age

124Q-frequency marketing

125Q-What is capital flight?

126Q-What is developing nations?

127Q-What is substitution effect?

128Q-What is market economy?

129Q-What is mixed economy?

130Q-laissez-faire system


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1Q-What is Capital? 1A-previously manufactured goods used to make other goods and services.

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