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Write an assignment of 2,000-word essay excluding references in APA reference style on ONE of the following three topics.

In writing the assignment, include the following points:

1. Demonstrate a strategic and operational understanding of global operations and logistic functions.

2. Recognize organizational structures, processes and theories used in operations management areas such as international expansion, international supply chains, value chain analysis, quality control, and distribution systems.

3. Appraise the realities of operating different types of production/distribution firms.


1. Why has the supply chain network perspective of operations management become more important in recent years?

2. ‘The stage theories of internationalization reflect a rationale of gradually reducing the risks of internationalization’. Why is this statement formed, and do you agree with this? What are the risks that firms aim to mitigate when internationalizing their business and how the different internationalization stages help firms to minimize these risks?

3. Market access and resource-seeking are two generic strategies for international expansion. With the increasing importance of the Chinese economy to the world economy, multinational companies from over the world have expanded into the Chinese market. Does entry into the Chinese market represent a market access strategy, a resource-seeking strategy or both? Support you arguments by using relevant examples of companies that have internationalized their business in China.

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There are two generic strategies associated with international operations. These two strategies are market access strategy and resource seeking strategy. Market access strategy is undertaken by the firms in order to internationalize to access markets outside their home country (Sedita, Caloffi & Belussi, 2013). On the other hand, resource seeking strategy is undertaken by the firms in order to internationalize to access specific resources outside the home country. It is possible for the organization either to expand its business prospects into foreign counties for any one of the two mentioned strategies or for both the strategies simultaneously. China has been initiating its market reforms since 1978. It has shifted itself for being centrally-planned to a market based economy thereby experiencing rapidly economic and social development. The GDP growth rate of the economy has been nearly 10%per year. This shows that the country is developing in great bound and leaps. The country has a population of 1.3 billion, yet the economic growth of the country has provided it with the advantage to become the second largest economy in the world (Lin, 2013).

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