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Review the Sixth Sense Video, and do some additional research of your own using the internet on a new technology.  TED ed is always a good place to start.   Categories may include Artificial Intelligence, Avatars, Social Networking or any other new and interesting technology you can find.  


  1. Describe what you learned in the Sixth Sense Video.  How will that technology impact the way we (businesses) do things in the future. What are the long-term impacts of changes as a result of using this type of technology (camera's for example)?


  1.  Outline some new interesting technology you have found and indicate how you feel it may change or impact the way we use technology in the future.  Outline what makes it special, or different.  How is the technology you uncovered currently being used in business?  How will it impact the future? 



  1. Indicate what you learned from doing your research this topic.

Write this essay in essay format not Q&A format.  This essay should be approximately 2000 words long and be appropriately referenced. 





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“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Anonymous Truly the only limit to the thought process that a human can have is the limit of his imagination to his curiosity and towards his strife to continuously do new things that will not only help him advance but will also satiate his never quenching thirst for something new and something better. Though technological advancements are in many cases shown as more of a bane than like a boon by showing killer robots from the future taking over the human civilization just because we advanced too much for our own good or many a time technology is shown as the main reason to the continuously degrading situation of our planet both environmentally and socially. Though none of the lines that are said above are false, it is also true that all the solutions to the above-mentioned problems also lies in the hands of technology. It is unto us the master of technology to make sure that we are able to propel it in the correct way to not work as a force of destruction but as one of creation that will not only help us to reach greater heights but will also make this world of ours a much better place for our children to live in

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