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Does the "digital" hold the promise of something better? CORE CONCEPTS: The Social experience. Utopia versus dystopia. Nature versus industrial. QUOTES: - At least 8 (incl. clips/sound bites.) - Can come from anywhere; academic or from the films themselves, etc. IMAGES/CLIPS, etc. - At least 4 each.

Explain the use of each image/clip. PRIMARY SOURCES/SECONDARY SOURCES: - Minimum 3. - One line passage/summary/ or extended quote which relates (or counters) the key argument. REFLECTION: - 200 words minimum.


Just a little update from what I have gleaned in terms of what is probably to be expected of the Digital Object. Please, feel free to make comments or ask questions.


The best way to think of this assessment is as a visual essay, with the material we select as the 'evidence'.

- The Reflection should be at least 200 words. Contrary to what I have said in the past, it is not one reflection per piece of material; if you look at what Bruce has, it is one reflection per segment (so, one reflection statement for Film, one for Video Games, one for Virtual Reality and so on). It should explore the topic broadly but also explain the relationship between the selected multimedia and the thesis.

- Underneath each clip/image should be a small line simply describing what it is and what the source is. Bruce does this in 'The Digital Image' and the Wiki tool allows for this when you upload something.

- How many multimedia components are incorporated is up to you, but it should be anywhere from 4-6 per section.

- We need a minimum of 3 primary or secondary sources to incorporate per section. All this would entail is one line or quote which relates to, or counters, the thesis. It should be academic. Again, see 'The Digital Image' for reference.

It is important to remember that the Wiki tool on eLearn does not look anything like what Bruce has produced with The Digital Image. What we are working with is comparatively rudimentary, so don't worry too much about that.

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The digital era has enabled teenagers to experience thrills and adventures with the help of different video game options. Some of the famous video game brands to enable such experiences are Nintendo, Ubisoft, Sony PlayStation etc. Nintendo leads the competition followed by Ubisoft and Electronic Arts (Jason, 2015). The huge competition in gaming industry allows a great change in technology from 1980 till date in the form of 3D imaging, sensing Technologies etc.

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