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Write a three to four-page debate paper (Times New Roman, 12 font, double spaced, 1 inch margins) arguing your position either for or against physician assisted dying (PAD). Open your paper with this question: "Should nurses and physicians assist patients who want to end their lives?” Present information and background on PAD, including a listing of the states in which PAD is legal. Discuss the ethical arguments for and against PAD and then present your position and include a conclusion.

Debate Paper Rubric


Point value

A (90-100%)

B (80-89%)

C (79% and below)

1. Cover page using APA formatting


Cover page correctly formatted to include header with running head; title; name and date

Cover page missing one element.

Cover page not correctly formatted

2. Background to the statement – what is in the literature currently? (cite with appropriate references) Where is PAD legal in US?


Discussion includes information on PAD and lists where it is legal in the US

Discussion is incomplete; does not include current information or missing listing of states

Discussion is incomplete or does not follow guidelines and no listing of states where PAD is legal

3. Present the Pro side to PAD using current references


Pro discussion includes ethical principles and current literature

Pro discussion is limited or does not include current literature

Pro discussion is very limited and does not include current literature

4. Present the Con side to PAD using current references


Con discussion includes ethical principles and current literature

Con discussion is limited or does not include current literature

Con discussion is very limited and does not include current literature

5. State your position on PAD and why you feel that way.


A brief summary of Pro or Con position is presented with student’s position and rationale

Position of PAD is presented without a rationale that is supported by Pro or Con discussion

No position presented

6. Summary and conclusion to close the paper


Thorough summary of position and conclusion is presented

Summary/conclusion is short and does not present main points of the paper

No summary or conclusion is presented

7. Reference page - Use references from current literature (less than 5 years old) unless you have a classic paper.


Reference page formatted using APA standards and contains current scholarly literature

Reference page is not correctly formatted or literature is older (not including seminal works) or lacks scholarly works

Reference list not correctly formatted and literature does not reflect a scholarly literature search

8. APA format (Times New Roman, 12 font, double spaced, one-inch margins, page number and running head in header, headings, 4 page limit Proper grammar and punctuation, scholarly presentation


APA formatting applied throughout the document and proper grammar and spelling punctuation used

APA formatting not used consistently; some grammar and spelling and punctuation errors noted

APA format not used; multiple grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors noted







7. Complete citations of all references used in APA format (At least 3 of the references must be from peer-reviewed journals)


Citations in reference list are presented in APA format and include at least 3 peer-reviewed articles from journals.

Citations in reference list have APA formatting errors or few peer-reviewed articles included


APA format not used; peer-reviewed articles not used

8. Poster Format/ Overall Appearance


Poster is organized with a logical flow of the headings. Font size allows for easy reading and graphics are appropriate for the topic. Minimal errors.

Poster is crowded with words. Font is too small. Graphics overpower the content.

Poster is poorly organized. Font size does not match size of poster. Color scheme and/or other factors make poster difficult to read.








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The background of Physician Assisted Dying (PAD) is derived from the idea and notion that the terminally ill patients who are unlikely to have any known medical recovery should be allowed to die with the assistance of their physicians in order to end their pain and agony (Steinbrook, 2008)

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