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1Q-What do you mean by Actual Freight?

2Q- what is Advertising Allowance?

3Q- In contract Buying the job means_______?

4Q-  Cartoning means________?

5Q-Where Extra Discount Pays?

6Q- What is Catalog Price?

7Q-What is Cost Price?

8Q-What is Deep discounting?

9Q- In contarct Delivery refers to?

10Q-Deposit refers to______________________?

11Q-What is Discount?

12Q-What is Door-to-door?

13Q- At which time Down Payment is paid ?

14Q-who is End user?

15Q- What do you mean by Fixture?

16Q-What is FOB, destination?

17Q- What is FOB Factory?

18Q- What is FOB Factory Freight Prepaid?

19Q- What do you mean by Free on board?

20Q-What is Freight cost?

21Q-An expense or cost that the designer adds to the selling price or the cost price of any goods       ordered for the client that are shipped to the designer's warehouse is called?

22Q-What is Full discount Price?

23Q- What do you mean by Gross margin?

24Q- What is the meaning of Installation?

25Q-The word  Keystone  means______________________?

26Q-A price established by the manufacturer is known as ?

27Q- A term used in retail to represent discounts taken from the normal selling price?

28Q- A term used in retail to represent % amounts add to the net or cost price to the designer?

29Q- what is Multiple discount?

30Q- Net price means_______________?

31Q-What is Piggy back?

32Q- What is Prestige pricing?

33Q- Any kind of payment from a buyer to a seller, including money goods, services or real property called?

34Q-Price-fixing is a­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________?

35Q-Credit allowed or applied "in advance" is known as?

36Q-what do you mean by Quantity discount ?

37Q-Reference price means____________?

38Q- Restraint of trade means_________________?

39Q-What do you mean by Retainer?

40Q-What is Sales tax?

41Q- What is Seasonal discount?

42Q- The actual price that is quoted to the client is known as ?

43Q-What do you mean by Stocking dealer?

44Q- A term related to the price to be used by the seller and suggested by the manufacturer is known as?

45Q- Any property that is movable, can be touched, or has physical existence called?

46Q- What is Trade discount?

47Q-How to Use a tax?

48Q-What is Wholesale price?

49Q-What do you mean Zone pricing?

50Q-What is List Price? 

50A-Generally accepted as being the same as suggested retail price - a price to the consumer.



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1Q-What do you mean by Actual Freight? 1A- The cost of transportation of the goods from the supplier to the designer's warehouse or the job site. 2Q- what is Advertising Allowance? 2A- A special discount or other incentive given when a designer uses a manufacturer's product in promotions and advertising. 3Q- In contract Buying the job means_______? 3A-A practice in which a firm prices goods or services at an unusually low rate in order to make the sale or get the contract.

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