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Product code: Geography-BH12


For this assignment you must complete a timeline of the Earth which is to a single, linear scale, covers the time from the formation of the Earth until today, and is at least 10 feet (3 meters) long.


You must include the events and first (known) occurrences of organisms listed below. Additionally, you must include five other events or first organisms which you think are significant in the evolution of life on Earth.


Do not include events prior to the formation of the Earth or events in human history. On a separate sheet, include a brief statement (fewer than 100 words) for each of these five events or organisms explaining why you think that it is significant.


For each event or organism, you must include a start date according to current science. Dates should be given to two significant figures (ask me if you are not familiar with significant figures).


You may use the abbreviations Ga (billion years ago), Ma (million years ago) and ka (thousand years ago).


Each entry must include a date, a label (including the genus for organisms marked with an asterisk), and a source. Here are two examples of appropriate labels to get you started:


Required Events and First Occurrence of Organisms










Formation of the Earth


Formation of the Moon








KT extinction


Land animals*


Life on Earth






Oxygenation of the atmosphere


PT extinction






Your favourite Cretaceous dinosaur*


Your favourite Jurassic dinosaur*

*Include genus in label

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The question that haunts the whole of mankind is about the existence of this universe. The existence of life in the middle of vast desert. Unlimited and vast spread cosmos doing their magic to bring existence into account.

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