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1Q-can a cross-dyed yarn be produced? Example?

2Q-Why is yarn dyeing often specified for solid color upholstery and other dense fabrics even though piece dyeing would be more economical and assure more rapid delivery?

3Q-name three reasons why different dye lots will vary slightly, one from the other?

4Q-what special properties do solution-dyed fabrics posses?

5Q-Describe a novel sustainable waterless dyeing technology adopted by Nike and IKEA?

6Q-why do some quality conscious apparel manufacturers insist on cutting each garment from a single bolt of cloth even though all pieces in the same dye lot are the same?

7Q-Name four types of devices used for piece dyeing?

8Q-Indicate a method you would use to determine whether a new shipment of ski parkas just delivered from china had all of its color matched components non metameric?

9Q-Vat dyeing offers a way in which we can?

10Q-solution dyed colors are not possible with what type of fiber?

11Q-heather effect in a 100% woolen fabric is accomplished by what type of dyeing?

12Q-which class of colorant can be used on any fiber?

13Q-The dye method to be used to produce a green and white plaid pattern in a 100% cotton broadcloth is:

14Q-A fabric that changes color when subjected to different lighting conditions has a problem called:

15Q-which is the least expensive method of dyeing?

16Q-Last minute color decisions can be made when the dyeing utilized is?

17Q-what are beneficts and drawbacks to pigment applications on fabrics?

18Q-Package dyeing is a form of dyeing of whole garments?

19Q-Pigment coloring may be done as fiber, yarn, piece or garment.

20Q-Solution dyeing is done with cellulosic fibers such as cotton.

21Q-Excellent possibility of shade matching from batch to batch is attainable when pigments are used for a coloring agent?

22Q-One difficulty with computer shade matching and dye formulations is that there is no way to control metamerism.?

23Q-one possible problem with fabrics dyed on a dye jig is color shading from selvage to center.?

24Q-No single dye class is capable of dyeing all textile fibers?

25Q-The class of dyes known as vat dyes will not bleach or fade with chlorine-type bleaches?

26Q-Acetate fabrics dyed with disperse dyes are subject to atmospheric fading over time, called gas fading?

27Q-Pantyhose, Tshirts, and sweaters are usually dyed in a machine called a jet dyer?

28Q-List the three predominant comercial methods of printing?

29Q-Explain how to distinguish between a direct print and a discharge print?

30Q-why is heat transfer printing not used for cotton fabrics?

31Q-why are pigment (dry) prits less costly than dye (wet prints)?

32Q-what is the purpose of a printer strike off?

33Q-what are some advantages of digital printing?

34Q-List some disadvantages of digital printing

35Q-Explain why heat transfer printing can be done in relatively small printing plants?

36Q-what is blotch printing?

37Q-How can fabric with a lace like effect be produced by printing methods?

38Q-The method of printing likely to be used to produce a drapery fabric with a large repeat pattern in an exlusive, limited production design would be?

39Q-Heat transfer printing would be most effective on a fabric made from?

40Q-A direct print is one in which?

41Q-The print method that produces the fewest yards of second quality fabric is___________.

42Q-When colors overlap in a print pattern when they should be separate is called:

43Q-What are the two methods of flocking?

44Q-The ageing of prints refers to_____________.

45Q-An overprint is a print where______________________.

46Q-Digital printing technologies include?

47Q-A pigment print is usually identifiable because?

48Q-pigment (dry) prints should only be dry cleaned, not laundered?

49Q-Unlike solid color dyeing, metamerism will not be a problem with the colors in printed design?

50Q-The screens used in screen printing are often made from polyester?

51Q-hand screen, automatic flat screen, and rotary screen are the three categories of screen printing?

52Q-roller printing is advantageous when large yardage of the same patterns need to be printed

53Q-Digital printing is faster than rotary screen printing

54Q-Pigment prints and heat transfer prints are practically the same, and a person would have difficulty identifying one from the other

55Q-In producing resist prints, fabric is first dyed then printed with a chemical that removes the original color in the pattern area

56Q-Warp prints can be identified because examination of the fabric will reveal that the fabric warp yarns posses a printed pattern.

57Q-an engineered print will have two or more distinct designs on the same fabric

58Q-Compare a water repellant and a waterproof finish

59Q-What do fabric finishes such as gore-tex accomplish? how do they work?

60Q-what could be the consequence of eliminating the pretreatment process of singeing?

61Q-What do UPF values indicate?

62Q-Name the sequencing of processes for the production of re-cure durable press?

63Q-Why is simple calendering considered a temporary finish?

64Q-what is the main principle by which soil-release finishes fuction

65Q-What is the difference between functional finishes and aesthetic finishes?

66Q-mercerization is_______________.

67Q-plissé is_______________.

68Q-Glaze calendered with starch is___________________.

69Q-Pre-cure durable press is________________.

70Q-crease-resistant rayon with resin is________.

71Q-Finishes using microcapsules can provide the what effect?

72Q-Permanent shrink resistance on thermoplastic fiber fabrics can be achieved by________

73Q-A finish used on faille fabric to give it a water-stained or tree bar appearace is________.

74Q-A finish that would ensure that a 100% cotton woven fabric would not shrink during laundering is_______.

75Q-Glazed chintz is produced by______

76Q-A finish used on wool fabric that would make it desirable for use in a overcoat is ______.

77Q-fabrics given a resin finish to improve wrinkle resistance have a tendency to become?

78Q-what benefits does Mercerizing cotton provide?

79Q-Antimicrobial finishes are most useful for these textile items?

80Q-Finishing now uses nanotechnology to provide certain fabric properties. define nanotechnology?

81Q-Fabrics marketed under the Sanforized trade name have been resin treated and are durable press?

82Q-ultraviolet-absorbent finishes or fabric provide protection from effects of sunlight?

83Q-A closely woven fabric, usually nylon, with a shiny, wet-look appearance will have a ciré finish?

84Q-Flame resistant finishes are used on fabrics used in children's sleepwear?

85Q-Garments with durable press finishes have better resistance to abrasion thatn similar garments without durable press?

86Q-cotton organdy is an example of a finish known as acid stiffening?

87Q-A chemical finish for softening cotton fabrics involves the application of silicone compounds?

88Q-Flame resistant, flame retardant, fire resistant, and fire retardant are all synonymous terms used interchangeably in the textile industry?

89Q-Residual shrinkage is the continuing shrinkage that occur each time a garment is laundered or dry cleaned?

90Q-Foam finishing of fabrics may be done to conserve water, heat energy, and achieve reductions in waste disposals?


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1Q-can a cross-dyed yarn be produced? Example? 1A-yes. Plaid (weave)

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