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Product Code:-Geography-Quiz23

1Q-What is geography?

2Q-2Q-Geographers want to know __________________________________.

3Q-What makes geography different from other disciples?

4Q-Geographers study places because?

5Q- What are the Physical Characteristics of a place refers to?

6Q-The ______________________ will directly affect things like the employment patterns, agriculture, & how they build homes.

7Q-The visible imprint of human activity is called ______________.

8Q-What is Cultural Attributes?

9Q-Attributes of places are __________ ____________.

10Q-Places interact _______________________________________________________________.

11Q-How do we measure location?

12Q-What is Absolute Location?

13Q-What is known as Relative Location

14Q-Explain the term Longitude?

15Q-Explain the term Latitude?

16Q-What are called Formal Regions?

17Q-What are the Functional Regions?

18Q-What are the Two types of Regions?

19Q-Boundaries are ________ or _________ & _________ or __________.

20Q-What are Geographers Approaches?

21Q-What is Cultural Geography?

22Q Culture is __________.

23Q- What are the 2 things to consider about culture?

24Q-What is Population geography?

25Q-What are the Major issues with population?

26Q-Buildings on buildings and over population is _______?

27Q-Regular houses/neighbourhood is ______?

28Q-Out in the country with private land is ____?

29Q-Explain the term Push-Pull Factor?

30Q-What is Density?

31Q-What is Economic geography?

32Q-Economic Growth (Gross National Growth)?

33Q-What are the 3 Categories of economic systems

34Q-What is Subsistence Economic System?

35Q-What is Commercial/Market Economic Systems?

36Q-What are Planned Economic System?

37Q-What are the Categories of economic activities?

38Q-What is Primary Activities?

39Q-What is Secondary Activites?

40Q-What is Tertiary Activities?

41Q-What is Quaternary Activities?

42Q-What are the Two things to consider about economies?

43Q-what is Urban Geography?

44Q-What makes a place urban?

45Q-What are Urban Geography: 2 Approaches?

46Q-What is Intraurban?

47Q-What is Interurban?

48Q-Why are circumstances changing in many countries around the world?

49Q-What do you mean by Geographic Information Science (GIS)?

50Q-What is Distortion?

51Q-Explain the term Scale?

52Q-What is Diffusion refers to ?

53Q-What is Human Geography?

54Q-What is Climate refers to?

55Q-Global changes in the pattern of weather over an extended period of time_____?

56Q- what are the 3 Ways to look at the world?

57Q-Sequence of world events is ______.

58Q-Systematically means_______?

59Q-Spatially means_____?

60Q-What is Hinterland?

61Q-What is Central Business District?

63Q-Total fertility rate (TFR) means_______.

64Q-Demographic transition model changes________.

65Q-Urbanization increase _________.

66Q- The term States is_______.

67Q-What are the Types of states?

68Q-What is Unitary State?

69QWhat is Federal State?

70Q-The term Gross Domestic Product (GDP) means______.

71Q-What is Globalization?

72Q-Regions is______.

73Q-Explain the term Vernacular Region?

74Q-Are marked by gradual spatial change_______.

75Q-How easy is it for the interaction to occur?

76Q-Distance is__________.

77Q-Connectivitiy means_________.

78Q-Europe has ___________ location to access to the rest of the world.

79Q-Europe has _____________ of modern distances

80Q-Areal Functional Specialization is _____________.

81Q-Europe is a functional region why?

82Q-What are the 4 Landforms?

83Q-What is Alpine System?

84Q-What is Central Uplands

85Q-What is Western Uplands?

86Q-What is North Lowlands?



























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1Q-What is geography? 1A-The study of the distribution of things (where they are) and the nature of their interrelationships (how things interact with other things). 2Q-Geographers want to know __________________________________. 2A-Where somethings is & how the location of that thing affects/is affected by where other things are.

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