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Product Code:- Geography-Quiz298

Answer the following:-

1Q-Haiti 7.0

2Q-Mid Atlantic Ridge

3Q-Chile Earthquake

4Q-Compared to M5 earthquake and M8 releases

5Q-Deadliest earthquake

6Q-Love wave motion

7Q-San Andreas fault is a

8Q-The strength of rock under different stresses means that in general terms, the largest earthquake occur at

9Q-Rock has variable strength under different stresses. From weakest to Strongest

10Q-Normal right lateral oblique slip fault

11Q-What was the change on the Mauna Loa alert level

12Q-Volcanic eruptions don't have to be large to be deadly. Example

13Q-Large volcanic eruptions don't have to be extremely deadly. Example

14Q-Most Recent VEI 8 was 74,000 years ago. What was it?

15Q-VEI 8 mega eruptions

16Q-Crater Lake is a

17Q-Volcanic activity in New Mexico is caused by

18Q-T/F In terms of mass magnitude, the largest passive basalt eruptions are of similar magnitude caldera forming rhyolite 'super volcano' eruptions

19Q-There is only one known volcanic eruption of mass magnitude 9 or larger. Which eruption?

20Q-T/F Historically all VEI 6 eruptions resulted in fatalities and very few VEI 1 and 2 eruptions resulted in fatalities

21Q-For a single seismograph station, an indication of the azimuth of (direction to) the epicenter of an earthquake can be obtained from the


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Answer the following:- 1Q-Haiti 7.0 1A-Normal Strike Slip

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