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Answer the following Question :-

1Q-Mid-ocean ridges account for _________________ of the volcanic activity on Earth.

2Q-The composition of the lava dominantly erupted at mid-ocean ridges is_____________

3Q-The thickest layer of the ocean crust is the __________ layer.

4Q-With increasing depth and pressure within the mantle, the melting point of dry (anhydrous) peridotite:

5Q-As oceanic lithosphere (plate) moves away from a mid-ocean ridge it becomes:

6Q-Melting of the mantle under mid-ocean ridges takes place because:

7Q-During circulation of ocean water through the ocean crust close to mid-ocean ridges_____________

8Q-The ecosystems that exist around black smokers are sustained by energy from______________

9Q-Mid-ocean ridge earthquakes are________________

10Q-Focal mechanisms for mid-ocean ridge spreading centre earthquakes show that the earthquakes are the result of movement on:

11Q-Which is a continental volcanic arc?

12Q-Compared to dry peridotite at the same pressure, in the presence of water peridotite:

13Q-The source of the magma generated in subduction zones is:

14Q-Compared to oceanic volcanic arcs, in continental volcanic arcs a greater proportion of high silica lava is erupted relative to low silica lava. This is because the rising magma:

15Q-Which historic volcanic eruption likely was the origin of the myth of Atlantis?

16Q-The term "plinian eruption" is derived from the eyewitness account of the 79 AD eruption of Vesuvius written by whom?

17Q-An eruption of an Indonesian volcano produced a devastating tsunami that killed some 36,000 people. Which eruption?

18Q-The eruption of a Mexican volcano in 1982 produced large volumes of SO2 that had a significant effect on global climate. Which volcano?

19Q-The 1985 eruption of a volcano in Colombia produced lahars that killed over 20,000 people. Which volcano?

20Q-The Cascade Range volcano that has had the most eruptions in the last 4,000 years is:

21Q-In the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens:

22Q-The major eruption of Mt. St. Helens on 18 May, 1980, was triggered by:

23Q-Mt. St. Helens reawakened in late 2004 and continues to erupt. The eruptive activity has comprised:

24Q-The current Mt. St. Helens eruption (previous question) is a consequence of:

25Q-Mt. Pinatubo is a volcano that has a repose time of the order of:

26Q-T/F The 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo was an all-too-rare example of a volcanic eruption that was successfully predicted.

27Q-Compared to the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption, the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption was about ____ times larger, therefore it was a VEI __ eruption.

28Q-The 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo injected large amounts of ash and sulphur dioxide high into the atmosphere. Over the few years after the eruption this gas and ash:

29Q-The island of Montserrat is a part of which oceanic volcanic arc?

30Q-The 1995 eruption on the island of Montserrat was triggered by:

31Q-The lava being erupted in the continuing (1995 to present) Montserrat eruption is:

32Q-The Montserrat eruption has:

33Q-Of the 12 largest earthquakes since 1900:

34Q-Of the total energy released globally by earthquakes, what percentage is released by subduction zone earthquakes?

35Q-T/F The angle of subduction varies widely from subduction zone to subduction zone. The older the plate being subducted, the higher the angle of subduction.

36Q-Earthquakes in subduction zones occur to as deep as 700km, but no deeper. This is because:

37Q-T/F The collision of the continental crust of India with the continental crust of Eurasia has resulted in a widespread area of folding, faulting, and earthquakes that extends from the subduction zone for thousands of kilometres in to China.

38Q-The great mega-thrust earthquakes that occur in subduction zones are of ___________ focus.

39Q-The last great, ~M9 earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone happened about _______ years ago.

40Q-The shallow part of the Cascadia subduction zone has produced very few earthquakes over the last 50 years. This is because:

41Q-T/F The 1995 Kobe, Japan, earthquake caused thousands of fatalities and billions of dollars in damage because it was a great, M8.9 earthquake.

42Q-The 26 December, 2004, Sumatra M9.3 earthquake had a rupture length of about _______ km and the maximum slip on the fault was about _____ m.

43Q-The 8 October, 2005, Pakistan earthquake was of:

44Q-T/F On transform faults that join together mid-ocean ridge spreading centre segments, the actual sense of motion is the opposite of the apparent (from offset of the ridge segments) sense of motion.

45Q-Volcanic activity is rare on transform faults. Where it does occur it is associated with:

46Q-Oceanic transform fault earthquakes typically are of:

47Q-There was a very large eruption in central New Mexico just over 1 million years ago that formed 
a large caldera called:

48Q-The volcano on the Italian island of Sicily that has recently been in eruption is:

49Q-The cinder (scoria) cone that popped up in a Mexican corn field in 1943 is:



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1Q-Mid-ocean ridges account for _________________ of the volcanic activity on Earth. 1A-about 75%

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