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1Q-A shield volcano is a_______________

2Q-Shield volcanoes are characteristic of which geological setting on Earth?

3Q-The volcanoes and volcanic fields in the Rio Grande Rift are the result of

4Q-Which type of eruption produces pyroclastic flows by collapse or explosion of a lava dome?

5Q-Most volcanic eruptions last for ________ days.

6Q-The definition of an active volcano is a volcano which has erupted in ________.

7Q-Using this definition of active volcano (previous question), approximately how many active volcanoes are there on Earth?

8Q-A volcano with a repose time of 12,000 years last erupted 1.5 million years ago. This volcano would be best characterized as_____________

9Q-Passive eruption of a lava flow represents a VEI magnitude of_________

10Q-Compared to a VEI 3 eruption, a VEI 6 eruption is ______ times larger.

11Q-The largest volcanic eruption in historic time was of VEI magnitude 7. Which eruption?

12Q-T/F In terms of mass magnitude, the largest passive basalt eruptions are of similar magnitude to caldera-forming rhyolite 'supervolcano' eruptions.

13Q-There is only one known volcanic eruption of mass magnitude 9 or larger. Which eruption?

14Q-T/F Volcanoes with a long repose time (hundreds to thousands of years) typically have smaller eruptions (lower VEI) than volcanoes with a short repose time (years to tens of years).

15Q-For volcanic eruptions during the past 500 years there is a good linear relationship between VEI magnitude and number of eruptions for VEI magnitudes in the range from 2 to 7. Based on extrapolation of this trend to VEI magnitude 0 and 1 eruptions there are

16Q-T/F Historically, all VEI 6 eruptions resulted in fatalities and very few VEI 1 and 2 eruptions resulted in fatalities.

17Q-Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the Solar System, is a

18Q-Mt. Rainier is considered to be the most dangerous volcano in the United States. This is because

19Q-T/F The seismic signal produced by an underground nuclear explosion is different to the seismic signal produced by a tectonic earthquake.

20Q-T/F Rock is stronger (more difficult to break) under extension than under compression.

21Q-Blind reverse thrust fault_______________.

22Q-Normal left-lateral oblique-slip fault._____________.

23Q-At subduction zone plate boundaries faulting is characteristically of the _________ type.

24Q-Elastic-plastic behaviour of rock under stress results in the development of_____________

25Q-Elastic rebound theory was developed from observations about motion across the San Andreas fault made by

26Q-On a particular strike-slip fault the plates in contact across the fault plane have a relative velocity of 5 centimetres per year and the displacement on the fault in each earthquake is 2.5 metres. Therefore, the recurrence interval for earthquakes on the fault is _____ years.

27Q-A P-wave has a vibration direction that is____________

28Q-P-waves travel through___________

29Q-The mantle of the Earth transmits_____________.

30Q-The seismic waves that travel with the lowest velocity are_____

31Q-Seismographs work on the basis of the principle of_____________

32Q-The Chinese seismoscope developed in about 130 A.D. is a simple example of a _____ seismograph.

33Q-Strong-motion seismographs are designed to operate__________

34Q-At the present day most seismograms are recorded in digital rather than analog format. This is because with digital data?

35Q-For a seismograph station with three broadband seismographs recording the vertical ground motion (Z component), the N-S horizontal ground motion (the N component), and the E-W horizontal ground motion (the E component), P-waves will show up best on the_____________

36Q-T/F The location of the epicentre of large earthquakes is always obvious because it is the location of the area of most damage.

37Q-For a single seismograph station, an indication of the azimuth of (direction to) the epicenter of an earthquake can be obtained from the__________

38Q-The USGS National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) rapidly and accurately locates (epicentre, time, focal depth) worldwide earthquakes based on the?

39Q-The focal mechanism (beach-ball diagram) for an earthquake is determined from the____________

41Q-T/F The Mercalli Intensity scale is a quantitative scale, so an intensity IV earthquake is twice as large as an intensity II earthquake.

42Q-During a large earthquake in a particular area, the least structural damage to buildings will be for those built on___________.

43Q-At the present time, the smallest recordable earthquakes are of about Richter magnitude ____.

44Q-The largest earthquake ever recorded was the ___________ earthquake.

45Q-Which of the following is not theoretically possible?

46Q-With increasing distance from the epicentre of an earthquake?

47Q-On the Richter magnitude scale?

48Q-Compared to a Richter magnitude 3 earthquake, a Richter magnitude 6 earthquake releases______ times as much energy.

49Q-Of the total energy released globally each year by earthquakes, the most energy is released by the

50Q-Subduction zone earthquakes occur at focal depths of _____ km.



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1Q-A shield volcano is a_______________ 1A-Large volcanic cone with gently dipping flanks constructed by numerous passive eruptions of basalt lava flows.

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