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Product Code:- Geography-Quiz314

Answer The following:-

1Q-Geographers study spatial patterns T/F

2Q-Geographers use only scientific method to conduct their research T/F

3Q-There is a lot of variety in the types of careers that geographers have, and physical geographers have good salaries on average T/F

4Q-Geographical information systems (GIS) are only use to map nice-looking maps T/F

5Q-Both physical and human geography focus on

6Q-What best describes the field of physical geography?

7Q-The main methodology governing geographic study

8Q-Longitude is

9Q-Latitude is

10Q-Standard time zones

11Q-On the Mercator projection, areas at high latitudes (near the poles) appear

12Q-Remote Sensing is

13Q-This is an example of an active remote sensing device

14Q-These are all capabilities of GIS

15Q-GIS is most powerful when you use it to

16Q-You are at the top of a hill and push a beach ball away from you. It continues moving downhill. What type of process does this represent?

17Q-You are at the bottom of a hill and push a beach ball away from you and it rolls back to your feet. What type of process does this represent?

18Q-All Solar radiation coming into the top of the atmosphere makes it to the ground T/F

19Q-The auroras in the upper atmosphere are caused by the interaction of Ultraviolet Radiation with the ozone layer T/F

20Q-Sunspots result from magnetic storms on the sun T/F

21Q-Seasons result from the fact that the Earth's orbit is not perfectly circular. Thus, the Earth is closer to the sun during Northern Hemisphere summer than it is during winter T/F

22Q-Earth and the Sun formed specifically from

23Q-The auroras in the upper atmosphere are caused by

24Q-In the past 100 years, the number of sunspots appearing on the sun has

25Q-The wavelength of electromagnetic radiation is measured

26Q-Visible radiation has a shorter wavelength than

27Q-Radiation with shorter wavelengths

28Q-A relatively cool object, such as an ice cube, emits _______ than a relatively warm object, such as a burning log

29Q-The dominant wavelength of energy emitted by the Sun is

30Q-Much of the energy from the sun is in the ________ bands of the electromagnetic spectrum

31Q-Which of the following is true of the Sun's electromagnetic spectrum?

32Q-Solar radiation has _________ and is ________ than terrestrial radiation

33Q-The _______ emits mainly _________ which is also called ________.

34Q-Each type of gas in the atmosphere absorbs solar radiation and terrestrial radiation in the exact same way as every other type of gas T/F

35Q-Radio waves have a _____ wavelength than visible light and are therefore ________ energetic.

36Q-Which of the following sequences is arranged in order form shorter wavelength to longer wavelength?

37Q-The normal pressure at sea level is about

38Q-The two most abundant gases in the atmosphere are

39Q-The ozonosphere is critical to life because it

40Q-The ozone layer protects humans from

41Q-The ozone hole is caused by

42Q-Temperatures generally _______ with height in the stratosphere, primarily because of strong ______ by ozone.

43Q-Based on temperature, the atmosphere is divided into

44Q-Temperatures within the stratosphere

45Q-Variable atmospheric constituents refer to

46Q-Which two gases are primarily responsible for the greenhouse effect because of their ability to absorb infrared energy?

47Q-The atmospheric window refers to

48Q-The greenhouse effect

49Q-Gases that strongly absorb terrestrial radiation in the troposphere are typically referred to as

50Q-Which of the following is true of the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere?

51Q-If we burn fossil fuels, releasing carbon dioxide and warming the atmosphere, then more ice will melt. When ice melts, more of the sun's energy is absorbed at the ground, warming the atmosphere. This is an example of a ______ feedback.

52Q-Acid rain results primarily from

53Q-The 1970 Clean Air Act



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Answer The following:- 1Q-Geographers study spatial patterns T/F 1A-True

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