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1Q-Which of the following phrases is most linked to geography as a discipline?

2Q-What is the largest source of water for the City of Norman?

3Q-Which of the following is a closed system with respect to heat energy?

4Q-Is the water in the City of Norman part of an open system or a closed system?

5Q-Which of the following is a positive feedback?

6Q-Which of the following is a remote sensing device?

7Q-Where are we located in our Milky Way galaxy?

8Q-Solar Flares can result in

9Q-When is the sun the highest in the sky at Norman, OK

10Q-In OU-Arezzo during the summer, days are longer than 12 hours because

11Q-The sun's average surface temp is 5500 C and Earth's average surface temp is 14 C.?

12Q-As you climb Mauna Kea from the ocean, what are most likely conditions to expect?

13Q-What is the most likely result of adding more greenhouse gases into the troposphere?

14Q-Our eyes can't see infrared. So we see this if Earth emits infrared?

15Q-What is most likely reason that incoming solar radiation at the ground is lower in central Africa that it is in northern or southern Africa?

16Q-Which of the following processes will capture sunlight as it pass into a cloud, resulting in warming of the water vapor in the cloud?

17Q-Which of the following processes will change the direction of sunlight as it passes through the atmosphere, resulting in the sky looking blue,orange,or red?

18Q-If all of the sea ice disappears, how will the albedo of the Arctic Ocean change?

19Q-You place a piece of bread on the middle rack of your toaster oven and turn it on the toast setting. It toasts. Energy was transferred from the oven to your bread slice by

20Q-You hear the toaster oven's buzzer and wait a minute to open the door to grab your toast. When you open the door, you feel a rush of heat onto your arm. Energy was transferred from the oven to your arm by

21Q-You grab your toast and burn your finger on the oven rack. Energy was transferred from the oven rack to your finger by

22Q-It's summer in Norman, OK. The skies are clear. You're standing on a blacktop parking lot and you feel heat rising off the hot surface you expect that the

23Q-It's a cool spring day in Norman. It just rained, but the skies are now clear. You're standing on a wet grass surface. you expect that the

24Q-Which of the following is correct about solar radiation?

25Q-Which of the following is incorrect about the greenhouse effect?

26Q-Which geographical location would most likely have the highest latent heat?

27Q-Which geographical location would most likely have the warmest air temperature during winter?

28Q-If high pressure is to the south and low pressure to the north, what direction is the pressure gradient force pointing?

29Q-Where is the most likely location for rising motion and cloud development?

30Q-Whats the name of the low pressure band that circles the equator?



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1Q-Which of the following phrases is most linked to geography as a discipline? 1A-Spatial relationships

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