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Product Code:- Geography-Quiz319

1Q-Soil is important of life because____________________________.

2Q-In addition to weathered rock, an important component of soil is_____________.

3Q-Organic matter that has decomposed in soils is_________________________.

4Q-Oklahoma is one of four states in the US with____________________________

5Q-A soil profiles include__________________.

6Q-The difference between the wilting point and field capacity is approximately equal to___________________.

7Q-Life zones change most rapidly with distance when you are_________

8Q-Which of the following is correct regarding generalists and specialists?

9Q-The largest terrestrial biome (by area) on Earth is___________.

10Q-The root systems of trees in the tropical rainforest biome tend to be________

11Q-Mountain (alpine) Glaciers__________________

12Q-Continental Glaciers______________________

13Q-Ice Caps exist in _______ and ice fields in _______

14Q-Glacial Drift__________________

15Q-Till _________________________

16Q-Stratified drift ___________________

17Q-Moraine __________________

18Q-Lateral Moraine________________

19Q-Medial Moraine__________________

20Q-Terminal Moraine__________________

21Q-Recessional Moraine________________

22Q-Outwash Plain__________________

23Q-Kettle Lake_______________




27Q-Precession (of the equinoxes)________________

28Q-Orbital Eccentricity is _____________________

29Q-Soil is _______________

30Q-Organic Matter is ____________

31Q-Litter is_______________

32Q-Humus is________________

33Q-Pore Spaces

34Q-Soil Moisture is_________

35Q-Wilting Point is_______________________

36Q-Field Capacity is_____________________

37Q-Pedon is____________

38Q-Horizon is________________


40Q-Porosity is_________

41Q-Acidity And Alkanitiy is________________________

42Q-Parent Materials is_____________________

42A-(composition, texture, chemical)

43Q-Leaching is_____________________

43A-loss of water soluble plant nutrients from soil

44Q-A-Topsoil is_____________________

45Q-B-Subsoil is________________________

46Q-Loess is________________________

47Q-Explain the term Oxisols ?

48Q-Explain the term Aridisols?

49Q-Explain the term Mollisols?

50Q-What is Alfisols?

51Q-What is Spodosols?

52Q-Entisols is___________________________

53Q-Organism is______________

54Q-Population is____________

55Q-Community is________________________

56Q-What is Ecosystem?

57Q-Biome is_____________________

58Q-Trophic Levels is_________________________

59Q-Tertiary and Quaternary consumers?

60Q-What is Photosynthesis?

61Q-Respiration is______________________

62Q-Ecology is_________________________

63Q-What is Ecoregion?

64Q-Habitat is_________________________

65Q-What is Niche?

66Q-Specialist is_______________________

67Q-Generalist is_____________________

68Q-Anthropogenic Disturbance_____________________

69Q-What is Succession?

70Q-What is Primary Succession?

71Q-What is Secondary Succession?

72Q-What is Biodiversity?

73Q-What is Biosphere?

74Q-Explain  Realm?

75Q-Ecotone  is ___________________



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1Q-Soil is important of life because____________________________. 1A-It provides a habitat for billions of organisms

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