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1Q-What is Wilson Cycle?

2Q-Keels is ____________________________.

3Q-What is Epeirogeny?

4Q-The nature of African Rift Valley____________________.

5Q- Explain the term Antarctic Mountains?

6Q-Explain Craton Formation in Archean Eon?

7Q-Unaltered are__________________

8Q-Petrified are________________________

9Q- what do you mean by Replacement?

10Q-Explain the term Mold?

11Q-What do you mean by Cast?

12Q-What is Carbonization?

13Q-Track/Burrows are____________________ & ____________.

14Q-Highly polished stomach stones from some extinct reptiles is____________.

15Q-Fossil dung and stomach contents is ____________________.

16Q-What are Chemofossils?

17Q- What is Indirect Mineral Precipitation?

18Q-_________________Precipitated by metabolic activity of microbe.

19Q-When does the Oxygen levels on earth rise?

20Q what is Microbes?

21Q-Microorganisms that live an environment that would kill other organisms called____________.

22Q-What is Stromatolites?

23Q- what is Burgess Shale - Fossil Record Bias?

24Q- explain the term Trilobite?

25Q-What is Shield?

26Q-How Stratovolcano (Composite) formed?

27Q-How Dome formed?

28Q- What is Cinder-Cone?

29Q- What is Fissure?

30Q-What is Caldera?

31Q- what do  you mean by Yellowstone and Hawaii?

32Q-What is Balsaltic Lava?

33Q-What is Andesitic Lava?

34Q- What is Rhyolitic?

35Q- Explain the term Pyroclastic Flow?

36Q- What do you mean by Tephra?

37Q-Breaks in ground/Sinking and uplifting is_______________________.

38Q- Explain the term Lava?

39Q- What is Earthquakes?

40Q- Explain the term Landslides?

41Q-What is Decompression Melting?

42Q- what is Fluid-Induced melting?

43Q- Explain the term Lahars?

44Q-What do you mean by Gases?

45Q-What is HCL and HF?

45A-Lead to acid rain, Bad to breath in or eat.

46Q- Explain the term Laze?

47Q-_____________Heavy and can get trapped in low lying areas.

48Q-___________Causes acid rain and pollution.

49Q-From tsunamis, blocked streams, collapsed sides of lakes, etc. are____________.

50Q-Tsunamis – Volcano are ________________________.

51Q-Lighting are______________.

52Q Volcanic Scale (VEI) is _______________.

53Q-What is Elastic Rebound Theory?

54Q- What is Divergent Boundary?

55Q-Transform Boundary are_________________________.

56Q-What is Convergent Boundary?

57Q- What is P waves?

58Q- What is S Waves?

59Q-What is L Waves?

60Q-What is R Waves?

61Q- What do you mean by Modified Mercalli?

62Q-Richer is  ____________________________________________.

63Q-What is Moment Magnitude?

64Q- What is Landslides (Chp 13)?

65Q- what is Liquefaction?

66Q-What is Tsunamis?

67Q-Fires are_______________________.

68Q-Shaking is a ____________________.





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1Q-What is Wilson Cycle? 1A-Continents have come together in a supercontinent, drifted apart, and then come back together 2Q-Keels is ____________________________. 2A-Thick, cooler, less dense material at bottom of crust under cratons

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