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1Q-Explain Solar System Formation?

2Q-Explain The Tidal Hypothesis - Solar System Formation?

3Q-Explain about The Nebular Hypothesis - Solar System Formation?

4Q-what is Composition?

5Q-Where did the heavier elements come from?

6Q-What is Accretion?

7Q-_________________is what you call a star before fusion takes place .

8Q-What is Planetesimal

9Q- Solar System Formations started______________.

10Q-How Planet Formation takes place?

11Q-Explain about Outer Planet Formation?

12Q Explain about Planet Evolution – Differentiation?

13Q-Late Heavy Bombardment is _________________.

14Q- What do you mean by Inner Terrestrial (Earth-like) planets: Mercury?

15Q- Explain Mercury Observations?

16Q-Explain Mercury's Interior?

17Q- Explain about inner Terrestrial Planets – Venus?

18Q- Explain the term Venus Observations?

19Q-Venus Volcanoes means________________________________.

20Q-What is Inner Terrestrial Planet – Mars?

21Q-What is Inner Terrestrial Planets - Mars Sedimentary Rocks?

22Q-What is Inner Terrestrial Planet - Earth Moon?

23Q- What do you mean by Moons Interior?

24Q-Saturn not the death star is___________

25Q-Phobos are__________

26Q-Titan are________________

27Q-What do you mean by Enceladus?

28Q- Explain the term Io?

29Q- what do you mean by Europa?




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1Q-Explain Solar System Formation? 1A-The sun rotates counter-clockwise Most of the planets rotate CCW The planets revolve around the sun CCW and the orbits are all in nearly the same plane

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