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1Q-What is Tectonic Activity?

2Q- What do you mean by term Feedback?

3Q-Explain the term Positive Feedback?

4Q-expalin the term Negative Feedback?

5Q-What do you mean by M Cycle - 41,000 years?

6Q- What do you mean by M Cycle - 23,000 years?

7Q- What do you mean by M Cycle - 100,000 years?

8Q-Fraction of energy reflected from a planet's surface, moon's surface, etc. called________.

9Q- What do you mean by Thermohaline Circulation?

10Q- What is Radiation Balance?

11Q What is Greenhouse gases?

12Q-What do you mean by Angle of Repose?

13Q-The term Frost wedging means____________________.

14Q-The term Mineral Crystallization means_______________________________.

15Q-What is Force/Abrasion?

16Q-What is Exfoliation?

17Q-Dissolves in water is___________________.

18Q-Absorbs water is____________________.

19Q- The term Rust means_________________________.

20Q-The term “O” means__________________.

21Q- The term  “A” means__________________.

22Q- The term “E” means______________________________.

23Q-The term “B” means _______________________________.

24Q- The term “C” means_____________________________________.

25Q- The term “R” means___________________________________________.

26Q- Aridisol has_____________.

27Q-Alfisol has_____________________.

28Q-Mollisol has _______________________________.

29Q-Andisol has______________________.

30Q-Oxisol has_______________________.

31Q-Histosol has___________________.

32Q- The term Bird-foot is________________.

33Q- Explain the term Slide/slump?

34Q- Explain the term Fall?

35Q- What do you mean by Debris flow?

36Q- Explain the term Earthflow?

37Q- Explain the term Mudflow?

39Q- Creep means_________________.

40Q- The term Porosity means ___________________.

41Q-The term Permailbilty means__________________.

42Q-What is Artesian Well?

43Q-Expalin the term Evaporation?

44Q- What is Sublimation?

45Q-What is Transpiration

46Q- What is Precipitation?

47Q- What is Condensation?

48Q- Explain the term Freeze/Thaw?

49Q-What is Surface Runoff?

50Q- What is Infiltration?

51Q-What do ypou mean by Groundwater discharge?

52Q-Oceans consist of _________________.

53Q-Groundwater consist of ________________________.

54Q-Icecaps and Glaciers consist of ____________________.

55Q-Lakes, Swamps & Rivers consist of _________________.

56Q- Aquifers consist of ________________________.

57Q- What do you mean by Unsaturated zone?

58Q- What do you mean by Saturated zone?

59Q- what is Water table?

60Q- Explain the term Aquifer?

61Q- Explain the term quiclude?

62Q-What is Confined Aquifer?

63Q-What do you mean by  Drawdown?

64Q- What is Cone of Depression?

65Q-Subsidence means_________________________.

66Q- What is Karst?

67Q- The term V Shaped means_____________________.

68Q- Wgat do you mean by Wide Valleys?

69Q-Meanders is __________________.

70Q-The term Cut banks is________________.

71Q- The term Point bars is__________.

72Q-Oxbow lakes is ____________

73Q-Where did Incised occurs?

74Q-Terraces is__________________________.

75Q-Braided Streams is________________.

76Q-Alluvial fans is_________________________.

77Q-The term Dissolved means__________________?

78Q-Suspended are __________________.

79Q- The term Bed load is__________________.

80Q- Drainage basin is_______________________.

81Q-Dendritic is__________________.

82Q-The term  Parallel means ________________________.

83Q-The term Trellis means_________________.

84Q-The term Recetangular means____________________.

85Q-Radial means ______________________.

86Q-Centripetal means________________.

87Q-Deranged is____________________.

88Q-The term Arcuate means________________.

89Q-The term Bed Load is________________________.

90Q-What do you mean by Suspended Load?

91Q What is Coriolis Effect?

92Q-What do you mean by Rainshadow desert?

93Q- Ephemeral Streams is _____________________________.

94Q-What is Playas?

95Q- What is Bajadas?

96Q-What is Ventifacts?

97Q- The term Varnish means_____________________.

98Q-What do you mean by Inselburg?

99Q-what do you mean by Deflation?

100Q-The term Barchan means________________.

101Q-The term Blowout means__________________.

102Q-Transverse is_________________.

103Q- The term Linear means_________________.

104Q- The term Passive Margins means_______________________.

105Q- What do you mean by Active Margins?

106Q-The term Guyots means__________________.

107Q- What do you  mean by Abyssal Hills?

Smoothed over by sediment into hills
less access to sediment from continents

108Q- Abyssal Plains means__________________________.

109Q-The term Seamounts means___________________.

110Q-What is Continental Shelf?

111Q-What is Continental Slope?

112Q- What is Continental Rise?

113Q-Spring Tides has______________________.

114Q- Neap Tide has__________________.

115Q- Hurricanes are classified by_________________.

116Q- The term Firn means__________________.

117Q-What is Ablation?

118Q- What is Plastic flow?

119Q- Basal Slip means____________________.

120Q- What do you mean by Plucking?

121Q-What is Abrasion?

122Q- The term Moraines means_____________.

123Q-The term Striation means___________________________.

124Q-U Shaped Valleys are________________________.

125Q-Hanging Valleys are_____________.

126Q-Bowl where accumulation occurs is_____________________.

127Q-Sharp ridge between cirques is _________________.

128Q-Horn is________________.

129Q- The term Kettle is____________________.

130Q- the term Esker is____________________.

131Q-Sand bar is a_______________.



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1Q-What is Tectonic Activity? 1A-New oceans opens up, increase in ocean area changes albedo Block ocean currents, change patterns of ocean currents New mountain ranges - different albedo, different air current patterns

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