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1Q-reclaimed land

2Q-a language like no other language.

3Q-Where is Basque spoken?

4Q-What set of mountain separate Spain and France?

5Q-decomposed plant and animal material, makes fertile soil.

6Q-most jobs are service

7Q-German highway system

8Q-service sector/industry

9Q-layers of decayed vegetation, used as a heat source.

10Q-a person who flees for safety.

11Q-Western Europe's population is increasing by what ethnic group?

12Q-How are European countries responding to the waves of migration?

13Q-mouth of a river meets the sea, diluted

14Q-a long journey to a religious place as an act of devotion.

15Q-bubonic plague that spread over Europe in the 14th century.

16Q-lose foliage in the fall

17Q-a Celtic language that includes the speech of ancient Ireland.

18Q-carry warm air from the North Atlantic Current.

19Q-Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

20Q-What are the two main ethnic groups in Belgium?

21Q-underground tunnel that connects France to England.

22Q-What are the summers like in a marine west coast climate?

23Q-What are the winters like in a marine west coast climate?

24Q-Where is the marine west coast climate located?

25Q-What are the countries in the UK?

26Q-What are the countries in the UK on Great Britain?

27Q-What are the countries in the UK on Ireland?

28Q-tallest mountain in the Alps

29Q-What is the name of the region with the Alps?

30Q-What is the European Union?

31Q-When was the European Union established?

32Q-What countries are in the European Union?

33Q-How many countries are in the European Union?

34Q-What is Brexit?

35Q-What are their major means of travel?

36Q-What is the region Ruhr known for?

37Q-What is the region Bavaria know for?

38Q-Where are the oil and natural gas reserves located?

39Q-English is Germanic, but how much of it is romance?

40Q-This landform which makes up much of Western Europe was formed by sheets of ice during the Ice Ages.

41Q-This mountain range runs along the border of France, through Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

42Q-This mountainous area in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France has been worn down by glaciers.

43Q-this series of islands off the northern coast of France makes up the UK and Ireland.

44Q-this part of the Atlantic Ocean separates southern England from northern France and connects the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

45Q-this river runs through southern England, including London, and empties into the North Sea.

46Q-this is the busiest waterway in Europe, it begins in the Swiss Alps and empties into the North Sea.

47Q-this River passes through Paris and carries most of France's inland water traffic.

48Q-What are Europe's main energy resources?

49Q-an international organization created in 1958 to make trade easier among member nations.

50Q-an organization of European nations formed in 1993 to compete economically with the US.

51Q-a family of related languages spoken in Europe.

52Q-Europe's major religion

53Q-a British playwright who is one of the most famous playwrights in the world.

54Q-the architects who came form here influenced building all over the world.

55Q-the most popular team sport in Western Europe

56Q-Where is the North European Plain?

57Q-What is the North European Plain used for?

58Q-Where is Mont Blanc?

59Q-What is the Azores High?

60Q-What climate is the Azores High responsible for?

61Q-What is the purpose of the Main-Danube Channel?

62Q-What country isn't in the EU?

63Q-Who are Germany's famous composers?

64Q-What is the Netherlands's main industrial city?

65Q-Where are the sand dunes in Great Britain?


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1Q-reclaimed land 1A-polder

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