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1Q-5 reasons the northeast is a region.

2Q-What is the fall line?

3Q-Why is the northeast good for agriculture?

4Q-% of population in the region

5Q-nickname of Mississippi

6Q-nickname of Chicago

7Q-nickname of St.Louis

8Q-nickname of New York

9Q-nickname of Philadelphia

10Q-nickname of Wisconsin

11Q-nickname of wheat

12Q-nickname of cattle for slaughter

13Q-nickname of Detroit

14Q-nickname of Cleveland

15Q-nickname of Pittsburgh

16Q-nickname of Virginia

17Q-a farm or piece of land for the growing of vegetables and fruit for sale, especially to local or nearby markets.

18Q-the process by which one worker does a small part of an assembly.

19Q-the process by which one city blends into a another city because the cities are so big.

20Q-wheat that is planted in the autumn to be harvested in the spring or early summer.

21Q-wheat that is sown in the spring and harvested in late summer or fall.

22Q-shallow regions for fishing

23Q-softest coal, poor fuel.

24Q-95% of coal used in industry, dirty, dusty.

25Q-best quality, high heat.

26Q-Where is the most wheat production?

27Q-name and location of largest iron ore deposit.

28Q-restores fertility to field, food imitate, feeds livestock.

29Q-types of fish found in the ocean.

30Q-reasons why industry would choose to settle in northeast.

31Q-Reasons why livestock is such an agricultural industry in this part of the nation.

32Q-Second largest us cheese producer

33Q-Third largest US city

34Q-known for beer and baseball

35Q-known for jazz and BBQ

36Q-all types of nature are found here

37Q-Has the Statue of Liberty

38Q-Large nets with weighted bottoms

39Q-Large cone shaped nets that are drug behind boat

40Q-Make milk and cheese

41Q-Pork bacon

42Q-Eggs chicken

43Q-second largest US cheese producer

44Q-third largest US city

45Q-large cone shaped nets that are drug behind boat

46Q-milk cheese beef

47Q-pork bacon

48Q-eggs chicken

49Q-George's Bank

50Q-Grand Bank


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1Q-5 reasons the northeast is a region. 1A-climate is humid continental, highest population density, leading in grain/meat/dairy/manufacturing

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