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1Q-FARC is a guerilla army operating primarily in what country?

2Q-What trade block is the most important one in Latin America?

3Q-Which European country had a territorial conflict with Argentina over the Falkland Islands in the early 1980s?

4Q-When the countries of Latin America regained their independence who were the leaders?

5Q-What was the name of the official US policy that held that the US would not tolerate European military involvement in the Western Hemisphere?

6Q-Which American president was responsible for the construction of the Panama Canal?

7Q-Which country runs the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) that trains doctors from the Americas?

8Q-What is the term for a person who has fled from conflict, but who still resides in his or her country of origin?

9Q-Which of the following countries did NOT receive African territory in the Berlin Conference?

10Q-Which of the following statements regarding decolonization in Sub-Saharan Africa is most accurate?

11Q-What Sub-Saharan African territory declared its independence in the 1990s, but has yet to be recognized as independent by any other nations?

12Q-Which nation (or ethnic group) of people was displaced by the creation of Israel?

13Q-What major event led to European colonialism in Southwest Asia?

14Q-What is the largest problem preventing Sudan from taking advantage of recently discovered oil in the nation?

15Q-Which of the Balkan states has the highest percentage of Muslim population?

16Q-What is the word for a state policy of reclaiming lost lands or lands inhabited by people of the same ethnicity in another state?

17Q-Which of the following European countries was a member of the new-defunct Warsaw Pact alliance?

18Q-What was the metaphorical name given to the policy of separation that divided Europe into two separate geopolitical and economic blocs after World War 2?

19Q-Which two countries were the primary rivals in the Cold War?

20Q-What was the term that Winston Churchill gave to the boundary between Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union?

21Q-Who was the main architect of the Soviet Union?

22Q-What is perestroika?

23Q-Who is the father-figure of Indian independence?

24Q-What two countries in South Asia have nuclear weapons?

25Q-What are the sources of ethnic violence in Sri Lanka?

26Q-What is the area in northwestern India controlled by China but claimed by India?

27Q-Who were the first Europeans to arrive in south east Asia to colonize the region?

28Q-The Vietnam war started when which European countries tried to retain control of it Southeast Asian colonies

29Q-What was the purpose of the Native Title Bill, which became law in Australia in 1993?

30Q-What strategy has been valuable to both Maoris and Aborigines in their efforts to gain greater control over their ancestral land and resources?

31Q-Which country of Australia/Oceania is know by its indigenous people as Aotearoa?

32Q-Between 1970 and 2010 the use of what energy source increased the most?

33Q-What Latin American country holds the world's largest reserves of lithium?

34Q-Neoliberal economic development calls for all of the following EXCEPT?

35Q-What Latin American country has the highest level of remittances per capita?

36Q-According to the World Bank, there are about how many cell phone per 100 Africans?

37Q-What country has begun offering African nations money for roads, railways, and schools with relatively few strings attached in order to secure oil from African countries to fuel its development?

38Q-By the early 1990s, Sub-Saharan Africa's foreign debt was around

39Q-Economic aid is extremely important for many African states, and foreign direct investment in the region substantially increased from only $4.5 billion in 1995 to _____ billion in 2010

40Q-Which country is the unchallenged economic powerhouse in Sub-Saharan Africa?

41Q-Which country of Southwest Asia and North Africa has the largest known oil reserves in the world?

42Q-In which of the following countries do women have the most freedom?

43Q-Which country in Southwest Asia and North Africa has taken steps to join the European Union?

44Q-What is the name of the organization established by seventeen members of the Arab League in 2005 to eliminate trade barriers in the region?

45Q-What country in this region what become one of the major sources for generic prescription pharmaceuticals?

46Q-In which country of Central Asia do people have the shortest life expectancy?

47Q-Of all the Central Asian countries, which one has the worst overall composite record of social indicators?

48Q-Most of Central Asia's oil reserves are found near which physical feature of Central Asia?

49Q-China has invested in Afghanistan to obtain?

50Q-Japans's economy

51Q-In the 1990s, which country of East Asia had the most laissez-faire economy in the region?

52Q-China's government is on which of the following paths of development?

53Q-What has been the consequence of China's "one child" policy?

54Q-In 2011, this country was ranked along with Afghanistan as the third most corrupt country in the world

55Q-The main locations of commercial sex in Southeast Asia are located

56Q-What immigrant culture is somewhat more prosperous thus creating tension in the host countries?

57Q-What kind of economic activity has the Indonesian government been trying to foster in order to improve its economy?

58Q-What economic activity is most important for Australia's economy?

59Q-What product is mined extensively on the island of Nauru in Micronesia?

60Q-Which of the following places exports the most manufactured goods to Australia?


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1Q-FARC is a guerilla army operating primarily in what country? 1A-Colombia

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