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1Q-Country with the most followers of Hinduism.

2Q-Most widely practiced religion in the world today.

3Q-oldest religion still practiced.

4Q-Religion that focuses on harmony and peace by knowing your place, having correct behavior, and wisdom.

5Q-Dominate climate of central and eastern Europe.

6Q-European country that Muslims ruled for 700 years before finally being expelled in 1492.

7Q-type of government system that uses religion to govern.

8Q-Hot, dry winds from Africa that heat southern Europe.

9Q-steep, U-shaped valley that connect to the sea.

10Q-This was created to compete economically with the US, China, and Japan.

11Q-System of writing used in East Asian countries in which a symbol represents a concept instead of a sound.

12Q-Karl Marx was from which country.

13Q-Language that romance languages developed from.

14Q-the religion that uses Ying/Yang symbol.

15Q-area in Russia with 20% of the world's forests.


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1Q-Country with the most followers of Hinduism. 1A-India

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