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1Q-Country credited with starting the Industrial Revolution.

2Q-Someone from latin America.

3Q-Ethnicity of most US Immigrants.

4Q-largest religion practiced in the southern areas of Africa.

5Q-Country with the largest population and land size in Latin America.

6Q-Country that has the most of Southern American rain forest.

7Q-Largest rain forest in South America.

8Q-Economist who said the world's resources were running out due to overpopulation.

9Q-Places that immigrants first ten to move to.

10Q-Region in the US that has the highest concentration of black people.

11Q-Someone who follows the culture of spain.

12Q-Number of years between each US cencus

13Q-Country with the 2nd largest population.

14Q-African Country with the most diversity and highest population.

15Q-The US owes most of its foreign debt to this country.

16Q-South American country that speaks mainly Portuguese.


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1Q-Country credited with starting the Industrial Revolution. 1A-England

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