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1Q-Who built Angkor Wat?

2Q-Which European power controlled Indochina before it was divided into Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

3Q-Name of the Cambodian Communists.

4Q-China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Which is still a single party state.

5Q-What was the Great Leap Forward?

6Q-Leader of Tibetan Buddhism?

7Q-Largest Ethnic Group in China.

8Q-Religion native to Japan.

9Q-Which Southeast Asian nation is predominantly Catholic?

10Q-Which nation had the "one child policy?

11Q-Cities in which the Atom Bomb was dropped to end WWII.

12Q-"Divine Wind" airplane attacks.

13Q-First Shogun to unite Japan in 1603?

14Q-Largest mountain in Japan.

15Q-Largest Island in the nation of japan.

16Q-Chinese author of the "Art of War".

17Q-Vietnamese leader who secured independence for Vietnam.

18Q-First empire to use weapons of Iron.

19Q-Prophet who founded Islam.

20Q-Islamic religious temple.

21Q-Sea that's saltier than a Fortnite player.

22Q-Empire that took control of Palestine after defeating the Ottomans in WWI.

23Q-Major resource of Iran and Saudi Arabia's economies.

24Q-Christian slave soldiers of the Ottoman Empire.

25Q-Holy book of Islam

26Q-The West Bank and the Gaza Strip are governed by this organization.

27Q-Empire that destroyed Israel in 135 AD, expelling the jews and renaming the region "Palestine".

28Q-Islamic law is called______.

29Q- for the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

30Q-The largest branch of Islam.

31Q-Dictator of Iraq from 1979-2003.

32Q-Islamic religious and political leader. "Deputy to the Prophet of Allah".

33Q-"Land Between Two Rivers."


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1Q-Who built Angkor Wat? 1A-Khmer

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