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1Q-a majority of American work in fields such as information processing, finance, medicine, and education, which are parts of the _____ industry.

2Q-a region that includes several large cities, their suburbs, and nearby towns is called a _____.

3Q-along with human migration, Europeans were also involved in the Columbian exchange between the eastern and western hemispheres, which included the exchange of ____,_____,_____.

4Q-during the 1800s, sectionalism within the rapidly growing united states eventually led to the ___.

5Q-in what country is most of the south American rain forest located_____.

6Q-many American corporations are involved in business worldwide and are called ____.

7Q-the u.s. is a federal republic, which divides power among national, states, and local governments, but it is also a representative democracy, which means _____.

8Q-the united states is currently in what is called a postindustrial economy because ____.

9Q-what 3 groups of people shaped the cultures of both central America and the Caribbean?

10Q-what cattle grazing area is known for its gaucho culture?

11Q-what industry is growing the most in latin America?

12Q-economic system in which private individuals own most of the resources, technology, and business, and can operate them for profit with little control from the government.

13Q-what is the ancient technique used to grow crops on hillsides or mountain slopes?

14Q-what is the name given to a city's sewers, transportation systems, electricity, and housing?

15Q-what is the name of the capital of the Aztec empire?

16Q-what is the name of the technique used by native peoples of latin America to clear fields to grow crops?

17Q-what is the southernmost tip of latin America called?

18Q-what mountain range extends down the pacific coast of south America?

19Q-what name is given to the grassy, treeless plains of Colombia and Venezuela?

20Q-what two cultures blended to shape the development of mexico?

21Q-which river begins in the andes mountains and flows eastward across south America.

22Q-why did the Portuguese bring Africans to the colony of brazil?

23Q-an economic common market that began operating in the southern core of south America in 1995 -- developed to make more economics.


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1Q-a majority of American work in fields such as information processing, finance, medicine, and education, which are parts of the _____ industry. 1A-service

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