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1Q-Mexico's heartland region is dominated by_____.
a. lowlands
b. coastal plains
c. high & rugged mountains
d. an elevated plateau

2Q-Because it lies at the crossroads of four tectonic plates, Mexico's central plateau.
a. is too geographically unstable to support a large population
b. is frequently hit by tropical storms & hurricanes
c. is the site of frequent earthquake & volcanic activity
d. is a poor area for farms & ranches

3Q-until Mexico won its independence from Spain, 
a. criollos were appointed to most top government positions
b. mestizos ranked lowest on the social scale
c. a large percentage of the labor force consisted of slaves brought to Mexico from Africa
d. the running of the country was mainly in the hands of the peninsulas

4Q-which of the following is a direct result of NAFTA?
a. increase in unemployment in Mexico
b. increase in manufacturing jobs in Mexico
c. decrease in pollution problems in Mexico
d. decrease in trade between the United States and Mexico

5Q-major sources of income for the Mexican economy include all of the following except.
a. agriculture
b. tourism
c. the technology industry
d. petroleum extraction

6Q-the three island groups that make up the Caribbean islands are_____.

7Q-The differences in formation in the Caribbean islands are caused by_____.

8Q-Many Caribbean islands are independent but some remain politically linked to______.

9Q-Local Caribbean island people who are unskilled workers in the tourist industry______.

10Q-Migrants leaving the Caribbean islands usually travel to_______.

11Q-Which of the following physical characteristics of England fueled Industrial revolution?

12Q-London became one of the greatest commercial and shipping centers in the world mainly because______.

13Q-In contrast to the southern Uplands and the Highlands, the central Lowlands of Scotland

14Q-One sixth of Ireland is covered by______.

15Q-Which of the following is not an economic activity in the nomadic nations?

16Q-Which two French regions lie in south central and southeastern France?

17Q-In contrast to the way Germany was unified in the 1800s, the unification of Germany in the 1900s was the result of______.

18Q-where are germanys most important industrial centers located?

19Q-switzerlands cantons differ in all of the following ways except______.

20Q-Rug making is a traditional craft in which of the following countries?

21Q-As a result of conflicts in Armenia, what happened to the Azeri people?

22Q-In contrast to most of its neighbors, Armenia______.

23Q-The climate of Central Asia tends to be______.

24Q-Which of the following is NOT true of the Nile River valley?
a. Runs the length of Egypt
b. Empties into the Indian Ocean
c. Is flanked on both sides by deserts 
d. is densely populated

25Q-While Egypt was the target of invaders for centuries, the invaders who had the most influence over the present culture were the_____.


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1Q-Mexico's heartland region is dominated by_____. a. lowlands b. coastal plains c. high & rugged mountains d. an elevated plateau 1A-d. an elevated plateau

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