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1Q-What is the Big Bang Theory?

2Q-What is the driver of plate tectonics?

3Q-What is the best example of human adaptations to climate change?

4Q-_____________ is the great pressure acting on the plates that deforms them by folding, twisting,warping, breaking, or compressing rock.

5Q-Oxidation, hydrolysis, and carbonation are forms of _______.

6Q-An intrusive igneous rock is formed from

7Q-The layer of the earth's atmosphere that contains virtually all air, clouds, and precipitation is called the_____

8Q-What type of precipitation is caused by air being heated at the surface of the earth?

9Q-What is the major difference between weather and climate?

10Q-What is NOT an aspect of a Geographic Information Systems (GIS)?

11Q-What is a pandemic?

12Q-What term describes the situation when people do not have relatively easy access to safe and nutritious food, either on a permanent or transitory basis?

13Q-Besides the demand and potential profit of successfully extracting new sources of oil, what specifically enabled offshore drilling and then the fracking revolution to access and exploit more and more difficult, costly deposits?

14Q-Erle Ellis and colleagues argue that we are now in a new geological age called _____________,which indicates the profound and fundamental restructuring caused by human agency.

15Q-The Industrial Revolution was characterized by the_____.

16Q-Electricity generated from heat energy beneath the earth's surface is called_____.

17Q-The biosphere is composed of

18Q-Which of the following is not part of the biosphere?

19Q-What is commodified agriculture?

20Q-When people began to grow more food to sell rather than for sustenance, a shift in the idea of land as _____ to land as _____ occurred.

21Q-What term describes an area of study that looks at the relationships between socioeconomic factors and environmental factors?

22Q-In the Arctic, what is causing the opening of new shipping routes, easier access to natural resources, and the opportunity to project a military presence?

23Q-What is considered perhaps the most influential factor in the cause of global warming?

24Q-What set of economic activities characterizes the primary sector?

25Q-What set of economic activities characterizes the secondary sector?

26Q-What set of economic activities characterizes the tertiary sector?

27Q-What two sectors tend to be the most important to employment as an economy grows and matures?

28Q-According to the text, the primary sector is very much influenced by ________.

29Q-5. What agricultural input associated with commercialization has wide-reaching impacts on groundwater contamination, negative air quality, and eutrophication from runoff?

30Q-Where did the Green Revolution occur first?


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1Q-What is the Big Bang Theory? 1A-The point at which the universe began to expand

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