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1Q-t/f the chinese yuan is currently more valuable than the USD?

2Q-what is the closest estimate to china's total population?

3Q-t/f china's most fertile farmland is in its northwest region.

4Q-what is regared as a special economic or administrative region of china?

5Q-the UN convention of the law of the sea act signed in 1982 declared that each sovereign country in the south china sea has exclusive claims to SCS islands up how many miles off the coast?

6Q-which country has completed the most land reclamation projects in the SCS?

7Q-what is the majority ethnic group in china?

8Q-t/f the korean war caused a cease fire or "pause" on the chinese civil war.

9Q-who was the leader of china's communist party from its inception up until 1976?

10Q-who was china's greatest ally during the 20th century?

11Q-which group of government officials most closely advise president Xi Jingping?

12Q-t/f the chinese government sets the prices of all goods.

13Q-over the last 100 years chinese workers have migrated internally from ______ to ______.

14Q-the gaokao is used to promote the outward allegiance to president xi jingping. this practice of putting one's best foot forward in front of authority is known as....?

15Q-the uyghurs live in which chinese province?

16Q-t/f there are many legitimate competing political parties that gain to seek control over china's next federal election.

17Q-the chinese communications giant huawei is accused of stealing intellectual property from t mobile. what was that IP?

18Q-t/f the trump administration believes that if china commits to buying more soybeans from the US then the trade deficit will increase.

19Q-t/f the GDP/capita is directly correlated with the value of its currency.

20Q-what is the name of the south korean currency?

21Q-t/f south korea's currency is stronger than japan's in the global exchange market.

22Q-which physical feature forms the border between north korea and china?

23Q-t/f in japan, younger generations are more accepting of immigrant workers than older generations.

24Q-t/f the korean peninsula is ethnically diverse.



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1Q-t/f the chinese yuan is currently more valuable than the USD? 1A-false

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