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1Q-the quality or state of being literate.

2Q-the average number of years a person born in a particular country might be expected to live.

3Q-the study of earth and people and the way they live and work on it.

4Q-An increase in the number of people that reside in a country, state, county, or city. To determine whether there has been population growth.

5Q-line og longitude at 180 degrees. changes time by 24 hours. west of the line is one day ahead of east of the line.

6Q-pattern of longitude and latitude lines crossing each other.

7Q-movement of people, ideas or things.

8Q-the contact and interaction of one culture with another.

9Q-the restriction of a culture from outside influences.

10Q-gross domestic product

11Q-the GDP divided by the country's population; used to compare countries purchasing power.

12Q-the art and science of map making.

13Q-the tilt of the earth on its axis at 23 1/2 degrees' it is responsible for the seasons changing.

14Q-says that the demand for a product goes up when the price goes down.

15Q-producers will make more of a product when the selling price increases.

16Q-a river or stream that flows into a lager or major river.

17Q-an artificial channel for moving water from one place to another using gravity to move the water.

18Q-type of economy controlled by the central government.

19Q-an economic system where decisions about price and production are determined by the law of supply and demand.

20Q-half of a globe. ex. northern hemisphere.

21Q-past characterized by some things that others places don't have as language region.

22Q-customs, and beliefs help shape the goods and the services the economy produces.

23Q-the super continent that existed 200 million years ago. about 180 million years ago the continent began to separate.


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1Q-the quality or state of being literate. 1A-literacy rate

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