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1Q-the area served by a metropolis or suburban area.

2Q-a region of several major cities and their suburbs.

3Q-To take in territory from another city region or nation.

4Q-a tax imposed by the government on exported or imported goods.

5Q-relating to feilds or the land or agriculture.

6Q-an artificial waterway.

7Q-an area of high land which causes rivers on a continent to flow in different directions.

8Q-forest made mostly of cone bearing trees such as evergreens whivh can survive cold winters.

9Q-a dry treeless plane where temperatures are always cool or cold and only specialized plants can grow there because of the cold and dry conditions.

10Q-a destructive tropical storm that is formed over the Atlantic ocean with winds of at least 74 mph.

11Q-the basic support systems needed to keep a country going. including power, communications, transportation. water and education systems.

12Q-a type of government where the power rains with a king or a queen usually from the bloodline.

13Q-a type of government where local political units keep their sovereignty but give some powers to the national government.

14Q-a type of government in which a central authority controls all aspects such as a dictator.

15Q-agricultural products livestock and diseases that crossed the Atlantic ocean after Europeans came in contact with the Americans.

16Q-a series of canals and locks along the st Lawrence river and connect the Atlantic ocean to the grate lakes.

17Q-a mid latitude climate regions with large landmasses with warm summers and cold winters.

18Q-a region or area characterized by a given climate.

19Q-a countries freedom and power to decide its own policies and actions.

20Q-legislative branch

21Q-an economic activity in which people use raw materials to produce or manufacture new products of greater value.

22Q-an economic activity that focuses on the gathering, organization and sharing of information such as education or research.

23Q-a grassy region in Argentina and Uruguay; good for grazing animals.

24Q-a plateau in the Andes of Ecuador.

25Q-a region of rolling foot hills.

26Q-a narrow strip of land that connects two larger strips of land.

27Q-a steep cliff that separates two areas of differing elevation.

28Q-a realatvely flat highland with one steep side.

29Q-the geographical area drained by a river and its territories.


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1Q-the area served by a metropolis or suburban area. 1A-hinterland

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