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1Q-Changes in the pathway of the Earth around the Sun.

2Q-The last 2.6 million years. Contains appearance and development of humans and includes Pleistocene and Holocene epochs.

3Q-Erosion caused by rocks and boulders in the base of a glacier scraping lower rocks.

4Q-A sharp ridge formed between 2 carries cutting back by erosion and freeze thaw.

5Q-Ice pushes material of all shapes and sizes as it moves forward.

6Q-Managing the environment in order to preserve, protect or restore it.

7Q-Sometimes with a tarn in the middle, it is a hollow in the mountainside caused by glacial erosion and freeze thaw.

8Q-An oval hill made of glacial till, perpendicular to the ice front.

9Q-Rocks which have been transported and deposited by a glacier far from their natural source region.

10Q-A river valley widened and deepened by the erosive action of glaciers, becomes u-shaped.

11Q-A valley made by a tributary river/glacier. Often waterfall sites.

12Q-Land use conflicts

13Q-Freeze thawed rock and debris eroded from the valley transported and deposited by glaciers.

14Q-Material, chiefly sand or gravel, deposited by meltwater streams in front of, and underneath, a glacier. It is sorted and rounded by water action.

15Q-A type of erosion where water freezes around rocks, and proceeds to drag it along as the glacier moves forward.

16Q-Where several carries cut back to a central point, the mountain takes the form of a steep pyramid.

17Q-A long, narrow lake found on the bottom of glaciated valleys where soft rock has been eroded.

18Q-Where ice moves in a circular motion. This erodes hollows in the landscape and deepen hollows to bowl shapes.

19Q-An unsorted mixture of sand, clay and boulders carried by a glacier and deposited as ground moraine over a large area.

20Q-A former river valley spur which has been sliced off by a valley glacier, forming cliff like edges.

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1Q-Changes in the pathway of the Earth around the Sun. 1A-Orbital changes

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