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1Q-What river irrigates Colorado?

2Q-What river irrigate New Mexico?

3Q-What rivers irrigates Arizona?

4Q-What river irrigates Idaho?

5Q-What crops are grown in Idaho?

6Q-What's Roswell, NM famous for?

7Q-What is the largest salt water lake in the U.S.?

8Q-What population changes are occurring in the U.S.?

9Q-In what direction is the population center of the U.S. moving?

10Q-What are push and pull factors for immigration from Mexico?

11Q-elevated flat land between two mountains

12Q-a hollow or depression in the earth's surface.

13Q-an isolated hill or mountain rising abruptly above the surrounding land.

14Q-a divide separating river systems that flow to opposite sides of a continent.

15Q-Where is the biggest open pit copper mine?

16Q-What two mountains ranges create a western boundary to this region?

17Q-What park is located in three states?

18Q-What national park is located on the border between U.S. and Canada?

19Q-Other than being pretty, what good do the national parks do for there location?

20Q-Why are ranches so big?

21Q-What is the fastest growing city in the U.S.?

22Q-What are the three major industries that contribute to the economy of the west?

23Q-What is fallowing?

24Q-What are the farming types for farmers in dry climates?

25Q-What are the reasons for the "Dust Bowl"?

26Q-What plant gives us sugar other than sugar cane?

27Q-What is state molybdenum located in?

28Q-What is molybdenum used to make?

29Q-What state is shale rock located in?

30Q-What is shale rock used for?

31Q-What state is copper located in?

32Q-What is copper used for?

33Q-Where is tungsten and uranium located?

34Q-What is tungsten used for?

35Q-What state is potash located in?

36Q-What is potash used for?

37Q-What state is silver found?

38Q-What is silver used for?

39Q-What is uranium used for?

40Q-What is the population like out in the west compared to the rest of the U.S.?

41Q-What two domestic herds live in the west?

42Q-What state has the leading production of sheep and cattle?

43Q-What kind of grass do sheep eat?

44Q-What kind of grass does cattle eat?

45Q-What is the original type of cattle from the west?

46Q-steppe climate; grassland, scrub brush; 10-20 inches of precipitation per year; surrounds the Rocky Mountains.

47Q-elevation effects climate; higher up, colder, less vegetation.

48Q-less than 10 inches of precipitation per year.



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1Q-What river irrigates Colorado? 1A-Big Thompson or Colorado

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